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Agricultural sprayers: know the history of the machine and its functions



What are agricultural sprayers?

Agricultural sprayers are machines or equipment capable of distributing liquids in small particles. Spraying can occur by land or air, depending on the extent of activities. These machines and equipment are applied to ensure the correct dispersion of agrochemicals, nutrients and fertilizers in world agriculture.

Due to the importance in pest control and agronomic development, they are indispensable technologies in the current field to maintain productivity.

History of agricultural spraying

Agricultural spraying has been around since the first great civilizations. In Ancient Rome, smoke from burning sulfur was already used as a way to control aphids in wheat and salt plantations to control weeds. 

In the early 19th century, Chinese used arsenic diluted in water to control insects. 

It was known since that time that plant-derived products such as rotenone and pyrethrin controlled the presence of insects in crops. 

In 1865, Paris Green, a mixture of arsenic and copper, began to be used to control Colorado potato beetle populations. And in 1882 it was discovered that a mixture of copper sulfate and lime, called a Bordeaux mixture, was effective against the disease in vines called downy mildew, a fungal infection in plants.

As early as 1890, a mercury-containing powder began to be used for seed treatment, and 25 years later, a liquid formula was developed to control seed fungal pests.

At the turn of the 19th to the 20th century, the first herbicides began to appear, but the big leap in the area came in the 40s, with the rediscovery of DDT and organochlorines.

One way of understanding pest control divides chemical knowledge into three eras:

  1. Period before 1867, when odorous and irritating products such as excrement, ash, sulfur, rotenone, pyrethrum, nicotine, animal oils and petrochemicals were applied;
  2. Period between 1867 and 1939, marked by the discovery of the Bordeaux mixture and other copper formulas (with the presence of copper);
  3. Period from 1939, with the arrival of organosynthetics.

These three eras mark not only chemical technology, but also herbicide application and pest control strategies. 

Until 1868, plants needed to be rubbed or washed with cloths or brushes dipped in the mixture. Watering cans were also applied to increase application speed and uniform distribution.

Also in this period there was the practice known as benzedura, in which dusters and brooms soaked in liquids threw them over the plants.

The spurt in the development of engineering equipment for agricultural spraying begins in the second period, especially in the late 19th century. 

The growth of large-scale monoculture practices around the world favored the emergence of new application technologies due to the development race driven by major pests in plantations.

The three main ones were: downy mildew on European vines, potato beetle invasion in the US and potato scab in England and Ireland. 

The potato scab decimated the potato crop on the island of Ireland and led the region to a state of hunger and misery, reaching approximately 500,000 deaths directly caused by the problem and migration of almost a million people to other countries.

After these advances, in 1939, the explosion of growth in engineering and chemistry for agriculture, driven by the two World Wars and the technological expansion of the period, generated increasingly modern and efficient agricultural machines.

Challenges in agricultural spraying

Agricultural tractor sprayers emerged with the need for a more efficient control of the disposal of agrochemicals, as crop areas grow non-stop and pests follow the same pace in a biological race. 

As a result, it became necessary to increase the quality and precision of the applications, wasting less agrochemicals in the air or in the soil at the time of spraying. 

The process can be historically divided into 5 steps:

  1. Street count spray marking depending on boom width and crop spacing;
  2. Marking by flags placed at the beginning and at the end of the streets to demarcate the spray strip, work in a straight line similar to the first model, but on a larger scale;
  3. Ground marking carried out by 2 tractors and a steel cable with a length equal to the width of the bar applied to the rear of the first tractor with the front of the second tractor. Markings in parallel with a scarifier that scratches the ground;
  4. Light bar system with georeferenced equipment equipped with satellites and intelligent on-board computers capable of mapping the sprayed area;
  5. Autonomous system in which the machine operates alone without the need for a light bar and manual operator control. 

Today, this last system generates high precision in the application, with computers passing readings on humidity, pressure, temperature, dosage and condition of the soil. 

Types of agricultural sprayers

Agricultural sprayers can be categorized in several ways. The first of them refers to the activation, in which they are divided into: 

  • manuals: normally used for small areas and punctual actions; 
  • electrical: mechanical, with battery, dependent on energy sources for recharging;
  • fuel-powered: powered by burning fossil fuels. 

But there is still a classification by equipment configuration and activation mode. See below how they work.

Costal sprayer

Reservoir with handles, carried on the back like a backpack. It can have manual, electric or fuel activation. It depends on an operator to handle it all the time. 

Pistol Sprayer

They work with compressed air and have manual or electric activation. For manual operation, they are recommended only in vegetable gardens, orchards and small gardens.

Boom Sprayer

Bar with multiple spray nozzles normally installed on tractors. They can cover large areas in small time intervals. 

Useful for farmers facing any production volume, but typically applied to annual crops such as soybeans, corn, wheat, potatoes and horticulture in general.

Atomizing Sprayers

Machine that sprays through an air current at high speed over the plantation. Capable of reaching great distances. Usually used in perennial crops like coffee and oranges.

Agricultural sprayer parts and accessories

Sprayers (whether manual or motorized) usually have:

  • tank/reservoir for the mixture (diluted mixture of water and agrochemical component);
  • bomba;
  • agitator;
  • filter;
  • pressure regulator;
  • manometer;
  • drive set;
  • hose;
  • spray nozzle;
  • triggering device (bar or gun).

Mechanized models may have applied volume meters, GPS, computer remote control systems, thermal sensors, barometers, etc.

How to choose agricultural sprayers?

Sprayers should be chosen based on two factors: type of crop and area sprayed. 

As stated earlier, annual crops are usually served by boom sprayers coupled to tractors. While perennial crops use atomizing sprays. 

In addition, the total area calculation determines the number of machines needed (most common for atomizers, with capacity without great variation) and the maximum capacity in liters of each of them (bar sprayers can go from 400 to 4500 liters on average) . 

Maintenance of agricultural sprayers

Due to the high flow of liquids and the chemical action of many of them, agricultural sprayers depend on good maintenance to have an adequate lifespan and not cause damage or problems. Most sprayers have specialist agricultural machinery So Clean insurance . Below, we list the main maintenance activities required on the machines.


Agrochemical residues in sprayers contaminate people or animals. In addition, they mix with the new products inserted in the tanks and impair the performance and general effect.

Cleaning, therefore, becomes essential to ensure the health of workers in the field, the people living around them and nature. Therefore, it must be done at the end of every working day or at the time of product change if they occur on the same day. 

All handling when cleaning the sprayers must be carried out with the correct PPE, and it is necessary to use, in addition to water, special detergents, degreasers and other products recommended by the manufacturers of agrochemicals and fertilizers.

Parts including triggers, filters and nozzles need to be removed and immersed in water repeatedly to ensure thorough cleaning. 

Adjustment and calibration

Adjustment and calibration help correct dispersion problems and correct application can be done on different parts of the sprayer, including the nozzle. Calibration helps to verify the reliability of the process and should be done whenever consumption is above 15% of the average.

Replacement of nozzles and parts

Sprayers, like all agricultural machinery and equipment, have periodic maintenance and overhaul routines. Therefore, the parts must be replaced following the parameters recommended by the manufacturers. 

Nozzles can generate huge losses with dispersion above the planned, and when they reach deviations of 10% above the nominal flow, they need to be replaced.

Agricultural spray parameters

There are 8 fundamental parameters to perform and evaluate an agricultural spraying correctly:

  1. Dose : concentration of the active ingredient to obtain control of the target population. It can be calculated in grams/hectare or liters/hectare. The ideal value is calculated by an agronomist or forestry engineer;
  2. Application volume : Measures the amount of spray applied per unit area, affected by target, nozzle, weather conditions, plant and product type;
  3. Coverage : Amount of droplets deposited on the target in the spray, determined by product, droplet size and other factors such as plant architecture, leaf density and more;
  4. Droplet Size : Typically measured in micrometers (microns) for the diameter of the sprayed droplet. This parameter is defined as a function of the product’s mode of action (systemic or contact), climatic conditions and target situation (closed or open plantation). Also, droplet size affects nozzle choice;
  5. Pressure : Used to identify flow rate and droplet size, can be read on sprayer manometer;
  6. Wind, temperature and relative humidity : Sprays with small drops cannot occur in winds greater than 10 km/h, and activities are not recommended in temperatures below 30°C with relative humidity above 55%. If these conditions are not met, other parameters are changed to facilitate the activity;
  7. Drift : Movement of product through the air away from the target during spraying. It is, in short, the waste of product that does not reach the target. It can be influenced by wind, temperature, humidity and droplet size;
  8. Nozzle Type : Also known as spray tips. Important variable as it affects other factors.

Necessary care while spraying

Spraying is today a fundamental step in modern agriculture. However, it must be done in the right way to generate the desired results and not negatively affect people’s lives and health. 

Therefore, to be done correctly, it is necessary that quality products and machines are purchased, that the use of PPE is supervised, that maintenance and cleaning are carried out properly and that workers are trained and made aware of the importance of care. handling products, whether agrochemicals or fertilizers.

In addition, the application of the products must be done at the right times, using quality water to form the solution, respecting the climatic conditions to adapt the spraying process.

And to preserve nature and the lives around, waste must be disposed of according to regulations and good environmental practices, with the concentration of agrochemicals in appropriate quantities.

Did you like this article and want to know more about agricultural machinery and safety processes in different industries? Access our blog.

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10 Digital Marketing Considerations to Make in 2023




Entering 2023, digital marketing will be even more successful. Not a single successful business does not use digital marketing. What things will be trending in 2023? The following are digital marketing trends that will continue to reverberate in 2023.

  1. Using influencers for the long term

One of the best marketing strategies that has proven itself historically over time is word of mouth advertising. If an influencer recommends a product, followers are happy to follow. Influencer marketing, which involves collaboration between brands and individuals with a niche and a large online following, takes that concept and modernizes it for today’s new digital era. 93% of marketing professionals use influencer marketing for reasons such as:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Build trust and authority
  • Reach their target audience
  • Drive conversions
  • Generate leads
  • Setting new trends
  • Connecting to a wider market

While this form of social media marketing is nothing new, in 2023, companies can take the opportunity to build more authentic connections with their target audience by appointing long-term “brand ambassadors”. This mutually beneficial relationship allows brands to build lasting relationships with their influencer partners, while influencers can maintain trust with their audience by promoting the same brand over time.

  1. Live streaming and video based content

Video-based content is becoming a major area of focus in social media marketing because it can hold viewers’ attention for a longer time compared to static posts. From TikToks to Instagram reels, marketers are using small, short videos to drive engagement and increase brand awareness among millennials and Gen Z, the main segment of social media users.

Live streaming has also proven to be an effective marketing trend. According to a report, consumers spent an estimated 548 billion hours streaming via mobile devices in 2021. When paired with influencer marketing, live streaming allows prospects to engage with influencers who are familiar with products, talk about products, and make purchases while they watch. The purchase stream can continue as long as the live stream is in progress.

  1. User generated content

From trending TikToks to #OOTD (Outfit of The Day) posts, user-generated content is the new word of mouth. This type of content is consumer-made and specifically addresses a brand used by consumers. Unboxing videos, makeup reviews, branded hashtags and photo tags are all examples of how brands can leverage user-generated content.

Since anyone can create user-generated content, adding this tactic to your marketing strategy can increase your brand authenticity. Consumers are 2.4 times more likely to trust user-generated content than brand-generated content—proving that now is the time to prioritize authenticity in your marketing strategy.

  1. New targeting solution

Google will phase out third-party cookies at the end of next year due to growing privacy concerns. Cookies play a role in target marketing by tracking user behavior across the web so marketers can provide a customized experience. To stay relevant, alternative targeting solutions are being continuously tested to continue to develop highly personalized content and ads.

  1. Agile Marketing

As the name suggests, agile marketing is an approach inspired by the agile methodology. It’s a way of working that involves rapid iteration rather than one big project. Agile marketing emphasizes real-time collaboration and is designed so marketers can respond to change more easily.

The benefits of agile marketing include:

  • Flexibility to adapt to changes due to iterative planning
  • Ability to deliver value early and often by grouping individuals into small cross-functional teams that can complete projects independently
  • Focus more on customer value and business results than on activities and outputs
  1. Create cohesive/sticky customer experiences

Customers expect a personalized and customized experience that speaks directly to their needs. At the same time, marketers must avoid looking through the lens of the marketer alone because customers do not interact with brands through one method or channel.

Marketers must understand the specific interactions in the entire customer journey and focus on the complete experience, not a specific time period campaign.

A customer journey map is a visual representation of how customers act, think, and feel through the buying process and can be a valuable tool for creating a cohesive experience.

  1. Voice search tactics for SEO

Marketers are starting to utilize voice search like Google talk for example as a search engine optimization (SEO) tool. This digital assistant is designed to answer brief informational questions such as “Who is Erina Gudono?” and “How is the weather in Jakarta?” but don’t forget, voice search also starts processing more customized searches, like “What coffee shops are open near me?” and “Do they serve coffee lattes?”

  1. Conversational marketing

Conversational marketing uses targeted messaging and Artificial Intelligence automation to engage with people while they are on your website.

This digital marketing trend uses intelligent chatbots with machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), which allow customers to have two-way conversations with select product brands. The shift from asynchronous marketing to real-time conversation presents a major learning curve as conversational marketing grows in 2023.

  1. Interactive content

If you’ve been using the internet in the last decade, you most likely came across interactive content without knowing it. Gone are the days of static posting and passive consumption—today’s audience wants content that demands attention. Marketers are developing dynamic two-way experiences that encourage active engagement from their target audience, especially millennials with content such as:

  • Interactive infographics
  • Quiz
  • Game
  • Calculator
  • Contest
  • Evaluation
  • Interactive map
  • Interactive videos

81% of marketers agree that a content strategy like this is high-impact, low-cost, much more effective at capturing a prospect’s attention than static content, but the benefits don’t stop there. Interactive content is a great trend include:

  • Improved audience engagement
  • Improved customer learning
  • More leads and conversions
  • Increase brand loyalty
  • Streamlining the customer experience
  1. Artificial Intelligence for better trend finding

Artificial intelligence is poised to make a big impact in many industries in the next few years. This data can help marketers optimize spend, customize and target content, and personalize their customer experience.

Marketers are already reaping the benefits of AI technology, such as:

  • Smarter and more targeted ads
  • Trendspotting and accurate predictions
  • Better understanding of buyer behavior
  • Increase customer retention and loyalty
  • Enhanced self-service capabilities
  • Higher ROI through effective targeting
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