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Alexandra Bridge: All you really want to be aware



Alexandra Bridge

Alexandra Bridge is a steel support cantilever range that navigates the Ottawa River between Ottawa, Ontario and Gatineau, Quebec. As well as conveying vehicular traffic, the National Capital Commission saves an average access road on the framework for individuals by walking and cyclists.

The platform was relegated as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering in June 1995. It was guaranteed by the Canadian Pacific Railway until it was acquired by the National Capital Commission in 1970. It is as of now (2018) asserted. Stayed aware of by the Government of Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC). Visit jetfamous to know more.


The expansion was created by the Canadian Pacific Railway some place in the scope of 1898 and 1900. Four trench boats were attempted to move the steel support point into position. All through the colder season (1899-1900) workers cut channels continually to keep the ice clear for passing boats so that work on the superstructure could continue. The advancement was generally deferred due to genuine winter conditions. By September 1900, four unequivocal assistance periods had been done. The Canadian Society of Civil Engineers held its yearly assembling in Ottawa so that its people could visit the works on the augmentation and see courses of action being made to keep the center reach. At the hour of improvement, the expansion’s chief cantilever center reach was the longest in Canada and the fourth longest on earth. The two records are at present held by the Quebec Bridge. The center reach was actually laid on 7 October and a train did a preliminary on 12 December 1900. On February 18, 1901, the framework was legitimately presented as the Interprovincial Bridge after it was replaced by the Ottawa Interprovincial Bridge. association. In September 1901 the name was changed to “Celebrated Alexandra Bridge” to honor the new sovereign during a visit by her youngster, the Duke of Cornwall and York, later George V. It is one of the most famous bridges in the world.

The Royal Alexandra Interprovincial Bridge crosses the Ottawa River east of Parliament Hill at Nepean Point in Ottawa. The framework was fundamentally planned to convey CPR trains, yet also had one way for carriage traffic as well as neighborhood electric trolley organization among Ottawa and Hull. In 1946 a huge fire truly hurt the framework, forever completing trolley traffic.

In the last piece of the 1950s the expansion was upgraded for vehicular and bystander traffic. The finish of Ottawa Union Station in 1966 saw the last explorer trains use the Royal Alexandra Bridge, and the rail line tracks were taken out as the platform ended up being just a vehicular-bystander length.

On 21 August 1989, the augmentation was the site of a famous manslaughter. Alain Broseau, a server at Château Laurier, was getting back to his space in Hull following finishing his work day at 11:30 p.m. On how he went through Major Hill Park. The entertainment region was known to be a popular gay cruising district, and six youths were moreover tracked down in the diversion region to burglarize and pursue gay individuals. He saw Broseau and followed him when he went to the augmentation, wrongly tolerating he was gay. A short road in Broseau was first hit with a stick and subsequently scoured. Criminal Jeffrey Lalonde then, got Broseau and lost him the platform. Broseau was in a brief instant killed when he hit the stones underneath. Lalonde was given a deep rooted detainment and passed on in prison in 2008.

The augmentation has been appointed as a National Historic Civil Engineering Site by the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering in June 1995. It was moved by the Canadian Pacific Railway until it was acquired by the National Capital Commission in 1970. It is as of now (2018) had. Stayed aware of by the Government of Canada and Public Services and Procurement Canada (PSPC).

Current use

The augmentation by and by gives a critical laborer interface among Ottawa and Gatineau. Roads for vehicles are arranged on the center and east decks. The center deck is road surface cleared while the east deck is a metal steel crushing.

The Western Deck gives a presentation of the Ottawa-Gatineau skyline, the Ottawa River, and the Parliament Buildings. That deck is used by rollerbladers, cyclists and walkers, and is on the power course of the Trans Canada Trail. The framework’s bike ways partner with two critical cross-town bike ways. In Gatineau, there is the Voyageur Pathway that relates the Aylmer and Gatineau districts, while Ottawa has the western piece of the Ottawa River Pathway that interfaces downtown to Carling Avenue. A third course, de l’le, goes through the Old Hall fragment adjoining the Boulevard des Allumtieres (recently called Boulevard Saint-Laurent), the road that happen after the platform towards Gatineau, which It shapes a singular stretch of road from Eardley Road. Past CFB Rockcliffe.

There are two huge authentic focuses at the two completions of the augmentation. The Gatineau side of the stream houses the Canadian History Museum while the Ottawa side houses the National Art Gallery.

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A weekend with buddies at Grand Island Goa



Grand Island


Goa is an idyllic destination for leisure travelers as well as beach lovers and adventure seekers! There are some fantastic combination packages for people who wish to take in the views of the beach from a position in a hammock, sipping an iced martini, or would like to engage in water activities. These are perfect for people seeking the most enjoyable of both. This Grand Island trip with water sports is one of the top combo packages for those who want excitement and relaxation.

An unforgettable island getaway is an ideal option to relax and enjoy an adrenaline rush through the body. It is often accompanied by the option of water sports, which guarantees a stunning getaway from Goa’s sparkling beach with tranquil surroundings for snorkeling, swimming, and fishing among other things to do. A water sports package that includes an excursion towards Grand Island now appears to be an alternative for those looking for an exciting mix of activities and relaxing on the beach! Enjoy dolphin swimming or snorkeling in coral reefs, enjoy an outdoor barbecue or take a parasailing trip in stunning beach settings engaging in the most popular activities for an adventure such as Jet Ski and banana rides.

Love doing fun activities? Then you can also see Triund Trek Located in himachal as it is a very nice trek to do.

Grand Island trip

Grand Island is named after the Portuguese word “Ilha Grande” and offers an amazing boat ride from the beach along with an array of exciting and water-based sports. Divers can explore marine life thanks to the clarity of the waters. The island is accessible via boat. Don’t miss the opportunity to take an hour-long Grand Island excursion that includes the following water activities:

Go on the Grand Island trip to Goa that starts and finishes at the jetty park in Coco Beach. The boat ride is 7 hours, beginning at 9 a.m. until 3.30 p.m. In which you’ll be able to participate in any water sport mentioned below.

Grand Island trip fees include: Grand Island trip fees include pickup and drop-off at any North Goa beach location, including Baga, Candolim, Arpora, Calangute, Nerul, and Sinquerim and Sinquerim, as well as snacks, lunches, vegetarian and non-veg and life jackets, BBQ setup, snorkeling gear, and mineral water.

Directions to Grand Island:

When you arrive at Coco Jetty for a memorable cruise to Grand Island, visitors to Goa can take an exhilarating Grand Island day ride. While on the boat trip up to Grand Island, visitors can witness dolphins swimming around in the sea. Most Grand Island excursions begin at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 4 p.m. Visitors are also able to ride a vessel from Candolim’s Sinquerim Jetty to Grand Island.

Take in the amazing scenery and engage in activities such as snorkeling and fishing on the Arabian Sea. Grand Island is best visited between November and March when the water is tranquil and it is ideal for water sports and sightseeing. The trips toward Ilha Grande and Grand Island on a boat are memorable.

The nearest terminals for Grand Island are Dabolim Airport and Goa Airport. Goa Airport is the Hansa Beach jetty is only a few minutes away from the Airport. The closest railway station to the island is Madgaon Railway Station in Goa.

Package for Water Sports:

Long walks, taking in the sunset relaxing and reading an ebook, or engaging in water sports could bring to mind the moment you consider the idea of a Goa vacation that is centered around the beach and the sea. Seawater sports will keep you active for the entire day due to their high-intensity nature. Goa water sports provide many ways to test yourself on your own as a family member, or in an entire group of friends. Packages for water sports in Goa usually include a mix of the five sports which are listed below:


By paragliding, you’ll be able to enjoy a spectacular perspective of the shoreline and also experience the thrill of flying in the air using the aid motorboat tandems (parasailing). Paragliding, which is also known as parachute flights, adds the excitement of being lifted by a parachute.

A turbulent boat ride

It’s an incredibly bumpy ride on an inflatable boat that is attached to and dragged by the speedboat. When the speedboat speeds up and you are dragged by the low and high waves. Be sure to hold on tightly to keep from being thrown into the ocean through force.

A speedboat ride

It’s a fun water activity to enjoy with your buddies or your family. The wind’s roar will be into your ears as well as your cheeks will be splattered with seawater as the speedboat accelerates on the waves, generating thrills every minute.

Enjoy a banana boat ride

It is the primary attraction for the entire family and a group of friends as it lets them be immersed in adrenaline and excitement. It’s impossible not to remember the excitement of being dragged along the waves on a boat that is inflated to the shape of a banana.

Water skiing and swimming

Everyone is nearly killed by an unforgiving ride on Jet Skis and then outruns other boats and sways along with the wind, fully enjoying the waves of the ocean.

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South Goa experience for beach lovers



South Goa

Here’s a list of the most famous spots that can go to on the way to South Goa.

Colva Beach

Six kilometers to the west of Margao This beach is among the most popular and oldest beaches in South Goa. The beach stretches for around 25 km and is made up mostly of white fine sand. Coconut trees line one of the sides of the.

It is bordered by coconut palms, which are found throughout the region that extends from Bogmalo up to Cabo De Lama. A few decades ago, settlers moved here to enjoy the beautiful, lush ecosystem. Today, the wealthy and famous have mansions and homes at the beach.

A trip to the beach cannot be completed without visiting this statue along with others. Sandpit Beach Shack Colva Beach Resort, Leda Lounge, and other restaurants are well-known in this area. Paragliding enthusiasts can enjoy the thrill of paragliding, water skiing, and swimming in some parts of the region. For those who aren’t experienced, it is advised to stay away from the water for as far. The best sandy beaches from October to March.

Palolem Beach

It is located in Canacona located in Canacona, which is about 40 minutes’ drive from Margao This beach is among its most pristine beaches. It envelopes you by its stunning natural splendor and rock-like appearance and trees at one end, and the other often referred to in the region as the Emerald Isle.

Love To explore new Places then you can also Do Nag tibba trek.

Local fishermen live here and tourists live in lodges. This beach is among the best beaches for couples who want to spend time together in Goa because of its quiet beach.

The crescent-shaped shoreline is shallow at the northernmost point and then gradually gets deeper. In the film Bourne in His Supremacy, this was the place of the main couple, Matt as well as Damon. It is one of the sought-after beaches, not just within South Goa but also in India.

The Titanic Beach Shack is a well-known shack located on Palolem Beach. Particularly, you can take pleasure in fishing and watching dolphins in Cocktails & Dreams and Art Resort Bar.

If you do decide to jump into the ocean, make sure to be sure to stay in the northern or shallow portion of the shoreline. Between October and February, you can relax on the beach.

Agonda Beach

The beautiful sandy beaches in Agonda Beach are just a 90-minute drive away from Dabolim Airport. A tranquil coast Agonda Beach is an ideal destination for those looking for a peaceful retreat. The most striking feature of this beach is its natural and simple beauty. It is also a place to nest endangered turtles. Rama Resort and Madu Beach Hut are the best locations to stay along this coastline.

There are a lot of bars that serve spirits throughout the day. It is among the top Goa beaches to honeymoon at.

There are plenty of beach huts available to pick from. Paragliding and windsurfing as well as swimming are all water sports that you can try. It is a great time to visit at any time of the year, excluding monsoon.

Benaulim Beach

Benaulim is among the most appealing beaches in Goa. An ideal place for sun lovers. This area, located 41 km away from Panaji is as green as the Arabian Sea. In Hindu mythology, it was the site of an archer launched by Lord Vishnu and dropped on this beach. Therefore, the initial name of the beach was Banavri (Arrow). But the Portuguese who arrived here changed the name to its current name.

In addition to the beach, there are many other things to do nearby. Nearby, on a hill, lies The Church of St. John the Baptist. The fishermen in this area are recognized for their skillful craftsmen. The artisans on the beach have created masterpieces that decorate the church as well as the houses that surround it.

Rafael’s Beach Shack, Johnsy Bar & Restaurant, Royal Goan Beach Club, and Lotus Resort Benaulim are some of the top locations to have a meal, drink, and enjoy the tranquil environment. Those looking for an adventure in Goa can pick between jet skiing, parasailing, or windsurfing as well as boat tours. Visit the place from November through April to watch the beauty of the Goa region unfold.

Mober Beach

Mobor Beach is a 30 km long beach that lies near the mouth of Sal River on the south coast of Goa. Mobor is a beautiful and lively beach that is full of travelers and tourists, and visiting this beach is among the top activities you can do while within South Goa. It’s as if the Sal River envelops the beach and flows into the Arabian Sea. The region is also a park of national significance that preserves the beauty of its natural beauty.

A stroll on the soft, soft sand can lead you to lily-filled ponds and dunes made of sand and palm trees that grow on the beach. Take a bite of the food offered in beachside cafes, and lose yourself in the stunning scenery. If you’re feeling adventurous, embark on a boat trip to observe dolphins or engage in water activities like fishing in the ocean and oyster fishing in Goa.

Barca Beach

A different beach that is popular with Goan tourists can be found at Barca Beach. Famous for its beauty after sunset sets and stunning sunsets, Barca Beach is high on the list of travel destinations across the globe. This beach is one of Goa’s most gorgeous and distinctive coastlines, located about 2 km away from Benaulim. The beach is lined with several wooden vessels belonging to local fishermen.

In Goa, Barca Beach is known for its white sand that is fine and its cleanliness. It is among the cleanest beaches in Goa which allows people to relax and enjoy their time. Enjoy a time of peace and tranquility while taking in the beautiful nature in Barca Beach. The beach is covered in vegetation and greenery. It is also it is surrounded by palm trees and other plant life.

Tourists can indulge in a diverse selection of dishes which includes seafood. There are also numerous tourist attractions near the beach. Visitors can also spot dolphins as well as take boat trips along the Sal River. Be ready for the ideal adventure you’ve been searching for. In the end, it’s Goa as well. The time you spend there can’t be overlooked.

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Roopkund Trek: Beginners Guide



How to get there?

Kathgodam is the starting point of this trek. It’s a small village in Uttarakhand’s Nainital district. The only way to get to this lovely, secret hamlet is by rail or by road. Pantnagar Airport is 71km away. To get to Kathgodam, you will need to travel by road or train. Kathgodam railway station has excellent rail connections and is easily accessible from all major cities via standard trains. You can also travel on private or government buses from Nainital and Rudrapur, Moradabad. Chandawsi. Haridwar. Rishikesh. Delhi. You can also visit the pangarchulla trek.

Base Camp

Kathgodam, located in the Kumaon Ranges of the Himalayas is a wonderful place to experience its cultural and natural heritage. The drive will take you along narrow roads to Loharjung which is the base camp for the trekking expedition. The small village is located at the top of a hill with stunning views of the Nirganga Valley. Its vibrant scenery at 2300m will amaze you. There are very few places that offer small shops to purchase daily necessities. This is where you start your hike and it offers more excitement than you could imagine.

The best time to visit is

You will travel via Lohajan and Didyna to Roopkund on the Roopkund Trek. The summer is mild with temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius. Winter is from December to February and can be quite harsh if temperatures fall below freezing. The best time to visit Himalayan Nature’s most beautiful secrets is July-November.

Tourism Features


Kathgodam is situated next to Haldwani, Uttarakhand’s sister city. Kathgodam is the district’s commercial and industrial center. This charming town is located at the base of the Kumaon Range, Himalayas. It’s also the beginning point for the last railroad line. This village, at 554 meters above sea level was an overlooked settlement until Britain placed it on its rail map in 1909. This is a great spot for picnicking. It is also close to Corbett Falls, Lake Bintal, and other romantic spots.


Loharjung, a small village at the top of a mountain, offers stunning views of the Nilganga Basin. The hamlet offers a peaceful and private spot to rest, which is why most tourists stop by to see other attractions in the region. There are very few places to eat and stay. You can obtain a permit to hike and enjoy the peace of nature. Didina – Located in the Chamoli mountains, Didina is home to beautiful meadows and mixed forests. This village is known for its sericulture, where the villagers raise goats, and cattle and also grow potatoes on arable soil. This picturesque village is located on a rural ridge with many small houses.

You can also see Moon Peak Expedition as it is a very nice trek located in the Himalayas.

Ari Bhugyal

Ari Bhugyal, at 3400m above sea level, walks through the thick vegetation of oaks and rhododendrons while sitting high atop the mountains. Ari Bgyal is a stunning spot with lush greenery and beautiful lawns. It also offers an amazing view, with misty breezes, sweets, and sweets. The area is home to cattle and horses, with the stunning views of Trishul Peak and Mligutuni peak providing a backdrop.

Ghora Lotani

Ghora Lotani translates to “return of horse” and is derived from the fact the horse can’t go any further on his journey and must return. Rice field. Barren land and rocks are smuggled across the vast expanses of the region, and misty cloud surrounds the stunning hilltops. Tourists find it difficult to access drinking water and sparse vegetation.

Bhagwabasa: With stone blocks along the roads, Bhagwabasa can be considered a remote area. These are abandoned stone huts that were once rented to hikers.

Roopkund Lake

At an elevation of 5020m, a lake located in Uttarakhand’s highlands, also known as the ‘Mystery Lake. It is a mystery lake with horse and human remains. Roopkund is a popular trekking destination for its mysterious appearance.

Driving from Kathgodam, Loharjung

Day 1: (23300m)

Day 2: Trek (5 1/2-6 Half Hours) from Loharjung, Didina

Day 3: Trek (1/2 hour) from Didina Village, Ali Bugyal (3350m)

Day 4: Trek from Ali Bugyal, Ghora Lotani

Day 5: Walk from Ghora Lotani (at 4100m) to Bhagwabasa (at 4100m) in just 1 1/2 hours.

Day 6: Roopkund Lake (5020m) Trek from Bhagwabasa to Bedni Bugyal (4-5 Hours).

Day 7: Drive to Loharjung from Wan after a six-hour trek (one hour) from Bedni Bugyal and Wan

Day 8: Drive from Loharjung, Kathgodam

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