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6 Mistakes Everyone Makes With Clip-Ins



Human hair extensions are a lot of fun since they can quickly transform your style, but you might be startled by the following 10 typical hair extension blunders. Not everyone has the privilege of sitting down for long hours to study all there is to know about human hair extensions, which is why we are here! 

When we say you’re making these frequent mistakes, we are not implying that everyone is doing them all in one, but they’re incredibly widespread errors that will cause a lot of harm to your clip-on hair extensions and your natural hair.

Clip-on extensions are a blessing since they allow women with short hair to achieve the desired length and long-haired women to add thickness to their already lush, long strands. That’s not to suggest that women with short hair don’t obtain increased volume, but length is the most noticeable difference when using hair extensions like clip-ins. 

Continue reading to learn the top 6 regular mistakes we’ve seen with clip-in extensions and how we propose fixing them. 

Mistake 1: Washing Your Clip-In Extensions Frequently 

Washing clip-on extensions
Washing clip-on extensions  

One of the most common misconceptions regarding clip-in hair extensions is that you must wash them just like real hair. However, this is not the case. Letting your hair clip-ons get wet (regularly) will dry them out, so prevent washing them as much as possible. You wouldn’t have much product build-up to scrub off if you only use minimal hair products.

When you must clean them, we encourage choosing a sulfate-free cleanser and being as delicate as possible with the wefts where the clips are attached. You will also have to clean and condition the wefts separately instead of washing the entire set together. If you aren’t sure about washing your clip-on hair extensions, follow these simple steps. 

  1. Before washing your clip ins, give them a quick brush to remove knots. For textured clip-in extensions, use a wide-tooth comb or your fingers and start from the ends– one weft at a time. 
  1. Before washing your human hair extensions, wipe your sink, then fill it with lukewarm water. Fill the sink with 2-3 hydrating, alcohol-free, sulfate-free shampoo pumps. You don’t need to use a lot of shampoos because clip extensions don’t produce oils– so you only need a few pumps to get rid of the build-ups.
  1. Split your clip-in hair extensions into manageable sections and get ready to wash! Hold the top of the wefts and start washing the human hair extensions. Dunk them a few times into the solution and work the shampoo into the strands with your fingers. Use gentle strokes to wash them thoroughly. Once you’re done with the first sections, set the wefts on a towel and repeat the process for the other wefts. 
  1. Apply a moisturizing conditioner to your clip-in hair extensions, starting from the top and working downwards. Meticulously rinse the conditioner and give your clip-in hair extensions a cold water blast to seal the moisture and close the cuticles. If you are using virgin Brazilian clip-ins from True Glory Hair, we recommend following up on the conditioning step with a deep conditioning treatment. Deep conditioning will help the human hair extensions maintain their luster and healthy appearance. 
  1. Lay out your clip-in hair extensions individually on a towel and apply a bit of lightweight serum to keep the strands from becoming frizzy as they dry. 

Tip: When shampooing and conditioning your clip-in extensions, use delicate strokes and avoid scrubbing too hard or getting your fingers stuck inside the wefts.

Mistake 2: Being Too Rough With Your Clip Extensions 

Be gentle with your hair clip-ons 
Be gentle with your hair clip-ons 

Being harsh with your human hair extensions will reduce their longevity and affect their entire appearance. Human hair extensions of any type are an asset; if you are too rough with them, you won’t be able to style or blend them in the long run. 

If you comb your clip-in hair extensions too hard, they will shed more than average. They will fall out, just like your hair, if you tug. The same principles apply to your clip-ins. Rather than being forceful, gently comb your hair extensions with the right brush to eliminate any knots or tangles. 

Try a mild detangling mist if you’re having trouble with unmanageable knots– nothing excessively thick or heavy cream-based products. Otherwise, you will have to wash your human hair clip-ons more regularly if you use solutions that might cause product accumulation.

Another way to cause damage to your sew in is by being overly harsh when washing them. That is why we have laid out a step-by-step process to help you minimize damage. 

Mistake 3: Installing Your Clip Extensions Too High 

Installing your clip-in extensions correctly
Installing your clip-in extensions correctly 

Many make this very repetitive error since you instinctively expect to position the clips directly at the root. That’s not the proper technique to install your clip extensions. An inch underneath the root is preferable since natural hair is there and ready to secure your clip-in hair extensions. 

Another thing to remember is that you should not install your clip-in extensions any higher than the level of your brows. You must not cross that height threshold while installing clip-in hair extensions. The weft bits designated for the front section can be positioned higher but not too high; otherwise, they will become apparent.

Mistake 4: Not Securing Your Shorter Pieces When Blending Your Clip-Ins 

Secure your shorter ends before installing your clip-in hair extensions
Secure your shorter ends before installing your clip-in hair extensions

One of the most obvious signs indicating you are sporting clip-in hair extensions, especially if you have short hair, is that the shorter sections at the back are apparent when you bring your clip-ins forward.

But don’t panic, we have a simple solution! Just separate the bottom of your natural hair from the rest. After that, plait your shorter strands and tuck them away with bobby pins. It will help cover your shorter strands so that when your hair clip-ons are moved forward, they seem natural and blend flawlessly. 

Mistake 5: Choosing The Wrong Clip-On Hair Extension Shade 

Result of choosing the perfect shade
Result of choosing the perfect shade 

Clip-on hair extensions are meant to seem natural. In other words, no proof should exist that you are wearing hair extensions. That’s why it’s critical for your hair extension’s shade to replicate your natural hair because, unlike sew-ins and tape-ins, clip extensions need to be blended with your natural hair. 

If you are not confident of the hair color of your hair clip-ons to your natural hair color, visit one of True Glory Hair’s stores, and the pros will help you find the right clip-in hair extensions and the perfect shade. 

Mistake 6: Using Cheap And Low-Quality Clip-Ins 

Shop high-quality extensions
Shop high-quality extensions 

It is no surprise that clip-in human hair extensions are an investment, but buying inexpensive ones with poor quality won’t save you money in the long term. Cheap clip-in hair extensions seldom last as well as premium extensions, seem less natural, and frequently come apart. This compels you to buy clip-ins more frequently, which eventually costs more because you must buy them repeatedly.

Spare yourself the trouble and get high-quality clip-on hair extensions. These are typically reusable, and you can treat them like your natural hairstyle.


These are the 6 common mistakes everyone makes with clip-in hair extensions. Use the information provided above to stop these avoidable mistakes today!  If you don’t know where to start your shopping, we recommend True Glory Hair. They provide virgin Brazilian clip-in hair extensions at competitive prices, and you won’t have trouble blending them with your natural hair. Shop for the best clip-on hair extensions and get your money’s worth! Their Brazilian extensions will last for years, and styling and maintaining them is a piece of cake! 

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The The best strategy to wear hoodies yet look stylish



Hoodies are one of the most relaxed articles of clothing around. They’re great for lazy days at home or keeping warm on an infectious winter night. However, because they’re agreeable doesn’t mean you want to relinquish your sense concerning form. Bape Hoodie have become one of the most certain things of dress in the world. has an Owl token that has changed into a picture of present-day culture and quality. You would stand secluded from the get-together wearing the bapehoodieofficia clothing.

A hoodie is generally fundamental in any extra space. Despite all that looking great, there are many ways to deal with wearing a hoodie. So read on the off chance that you’re keeping an eye out for a new hoodie or genuinely believe in some motivation on how you could style your old one! Coming up next are a few clues to assist you with picking the ideal hoodie:

1. Pick the appropriate hoodie – guarantee it fits well and isn’t unreasonably free:

In any case, guarantee that the hoodie fits well. It should be neither excessively close nor unreasonably open, yet no different on the cash. Second, center around the surface. A hoodie created utilizing thicker material will be more smoking and more vital, while a more thin hoodie will be lighter and more breathable. Third, consider the style of the hoodie. Do you want a simple arrangement or something more appealing? Fourth, contemplate the ability of the hoodie. If you need it for sports or outside work out, pick one with a kangaroo pocket or thumb openings. Finally, recollect the nuances. Check for things like hood drawstrings, upheld wrinkles, and stamped logos. Considering these elements, you’re sure to find the ideal hoodie for you.

2. Add a belt or belt to depict your waistline:

One of the most immediate ways to deal with adding a touch of style to your outfit is to depict your waistline. By propping in your hoodie with a belt or belt, you make a recognizing outline that is both polished and satisfying. Not by any stretch does this look astounding with pants or stockings, yet it likewise offers you the potential chance to endeavor different things with various layers and surfaces. Furthermore, it’s an essential technique for taking your Bape Hoodie from day to night. So whether you’re finishing things or getting out and about, make sure to add a belt or belt to just a little extra style.

3. Coordinate the shade of your hoodie with the rest of your outfit:

Hoodies are a phenomenal strategy for adding a bit of style to your outfit. They arrive in many assortments and types, so you can find one that matches your beauty. One strategy for guaranteeing your Tubbo Merchandise hoodie stands separated is to arrange it with the rest of your outfit. Wearing a hoodie like the remainder of your business is a magnificent strategy for making a firm look. It can similarly help with a change up a, for the most part, dull outfit. If you’re looking for a technique for making your hoodie stick out, planning it with the rest of your organization is an appealing decision.

4. Embellish Bape Hoodie with jewels, covers, or shades:

Hoodie, one size fits all. Dull or white. No matter what a hood. On occasion, with a front pocket, often obstacle up. The hoodie is a versatile piece of clothing that can be tidied up or down depending on the event.

Furthermore, remembering that it’s frequently associated with a loosened look when coordinated in the right place, a hoodie can be changed into an upscale outfit. Jewels, covers, and shades are staggering decisions for beautifying a hoodie. For a more present-day look. Despite how you wear it, enriching your hoodie is a remarkable strategy for adding your unique style to any outfit.

5. Investigate various roads concerning different styles and surfaces:

A hoodie is a dynamite technique for attempting various things with different styles and surfaces. Hoodies are great for layering over other articles of clothing or for wearing in isolation. They appear in multiple materials, from lightweight cotton to heavier wool, and they can be tracked in different collections and models. Hoodies can comparably be cleaned up or down, creating versatile pieces that can be worn for both free and formal events. Whether searching for another typical staple or a stand-apart piece for a thrilling occasion, endeavoring different things with various hoodie styles is a marvelous procedure for reestablishing your extra space.

Bape Hoodie are easily accessible in significantly separating tones, which are the image of good music dressing sense. These hoodies have the best materials, so you get the style, radiance, class, and straightforwardness on a particular surface.

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Why Kawaii Stuffed Animals Will Make Your Heart Melt



Kawaii stuffed animals are often designed to be super cute, with big round eyes, adorable faces and tiny little limbs. But what makes these stuffed animals so cute? Below are some of the most common characteristics you’ll see in kawaii stuffed animals and why they’re so adorable.

What is kawaii?

Kawaii is a word that is translated to cute in English. It’s a Japanese word that has been translated as sympathetic, lovable, and adorable. The concept of kawaii originally began with the idea of children’s toys, but the meaning has broadened over time to include everything from Hello Kitty and Pokemon to adults who enjoy collecting cute things.

Kawaii Shop is an online store where you can find all sorts of adorable items like pillows, plushies, clothes, and more! With such a wide variety of products available, there is something for everyone. Whether you are looking for an accessory or want to spoil your pet with treats – they have it all!

What are some common characteristics of kawaii stuffed animals?

Kawaii stuffed animals can be made of any type of material, but they all have the following features: big round eyes, a small mouth and nose, and they are often wearing some type of cute clothing or accessory. The big round eyes make them look kind and innocent, while the small mouth and nose is reminiscent of childhood cuteness. These characteristics can make them seem childlike, which is why they are sometimes called My Heart Teddy.

If you’re looking for a kawaii stuffed animal, your best bet is to buy one from an online store like Kawaii Shop. They have a wide selection of products that fit all different tastes and budgets.

Things to Consider Before You Buy a Kawaii Toy

1. What is the toy’s purpose?

2. Where will it be placed in your home?

3. How much do you want to spend on it?

4. Is the toy too big or small for its designated area?

5. Do you want a specific character from a show, movie, or video game?

6. Are there any allergies at home that need to be taken into consideration when purchasing a new stuffed animal?

7. Does your pet have an opinion on this matter?

8. What are some other options that may better suit your needs and wants with regards to what type of stuffed animal you’re looking for (examples: more expensive, less expensive, soft material, hard material)?

Why Shouldn’t I Just Get A Real Pet?

With a real pet, there is responsibility. With a stuffed animal, there are no responsibilities. If you want to go out of town for the weekend and leave your pet behind to fend for themselves, you’re free to do so. You can also eat dinner in peace knowing that your pet won’t need food or water because it’s not alive! Plus, most people don’t have the time or space for a real pet but everyone has room on their bed or in their closet for a kawaii stuffed animal!

What Should My First Kawaii Toy Be?

Kawaii stuffed animals are made to be cute. They can make your heart melt, and they’re perfect for any occasion. You could get one as a gift for someone special, or you could keep one at home to remind you of the cuteness that surrounds us all. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know which one is best for you! My Heart Teddy specializes in small teddy bears that just want someone to hug them. Their motto is We’ll Be There for You. With a variety of different colors, these cuddly creatures won’t disappoint your heart!

If you’re looking for something more unusual and have always loved Japan then kawaii shop has the perfect toy for you.

How Much Money Should I Expect To Spend On My First Stuffed Animal?

With the wide variety of stuffed animals on the market, you should be able to find one that fits your budget. For example, My Heart Teddy offers a large selection of stuffed animals at every price point. Whether you’re purchasing a gift for someone else or just want to treat yourself, there are plenty of options. If you’re looking for something more expensive, their plush Mickey Mouse is only $200!

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Most males know that dark blue denim is a definite style must, including users of our website in particular.



Most males know that dark blue denim is a definite style must, including users of our website in particular.

Dark wash denim may be the one pair of pants you needed to acquire in addition to a suit or trousers to go anywhere.

It complements a wide range of attire and styles. Dark jeans also offer a uniform appearance, a clean silhouette, and most significantly, versatility when they are fitted properly.

There is definitely something to be said for having chinos and cords in different colours, but some of those items can’t be worn in almost all seasons.

Even if you do own jeans, it can be difficult to switch your wardrobe over from, say, a pair of straight-leg jeans with a baggier fit or a pair of boot-cut jeans to the appropriate type of denim.



Even though we adore light wash denim, especially in the summer, a superb pair of dark jeans are more functional and versatile. Because of their adaptability, they can be dressed up as readily as down in this situation.

So what about jeans makes them versatile? Picking a pair with a dark indigo wash with no pre-fading, extraneous details, rips, or tears is the first step.


The silhouette should also be considered. You should exclude fashions with a bootcut, are excessively slim, or are unreasonably baggy from your search. A slender and straight cut would be a wise decision.

Use the Levi’s label as an illustration.

“Slim straight cut” could signify any of the following depending on your body type:

  • If you’re on the skinnier side, use the 511 model.
  • If you’re more typical, 514
  • The 501 or 505 if your legs are stronger.

That’s because each man has a unique body type and dimensions, therefore there isn’t a single “slim straight” fit that fits all men. Find the finest slim straight cut for you by simply trying on a couple pairs.

All of this is to suggest that a single silhouette might appear very differently on different people. So before settling on one, try a variety of pairs in various styles and sizes (go one size up and one size down from your usual size to assist you find the ideal fit).


Ah yes, the age-old argument between denim purists and enthusiasts everywhere: Should denim pants have stretch or not?

A purist would respond with a resounding NO to your question. Stretch-free, 100 percent cotton is required for dark denim.

I’m a lot more realistic than that, and I appreciate comfort, to be honest. And if you’re a guy who enjoys fashion but is also practical, you undoubtedly share my sentiments.

I prefer that all of my jeans have a little give to them. Denim is typically given a small amount of elastane by companies. Elastane is a synthetic fibre that has some flexibility, and when combined with cotton to create denim fabric (usually 97–99% cotton, with a combination of 1–3% elastane), you get stretch denim.

Stretchy denim is SO much more comfy while you’re moving about all day. Additionally, they recover quickly after extended wear and keep their shape considerably better.

Therefore, if you ask us at Effortless Gent, we would reply that stretchy denim is a good idea. You’ll thank us if you stick to the ratio range of 99% / 1% – 97% / 3%.


The least amount of washing is recommended for dark denim. This aids in preventing the indigo colour from bleeding off, which would otherwise give your jeans a faded, worn appearance instead of the original dark blue wash. This is particularly true for more costly denim varieties like raw or selvedge denim.

Contrary to common belief, you only need to wash your clothing if it smells, is excessively sweat-soaked, or is obviously soiled.

Your clothes usually merely need to be aired out. Additionally helpful are a few spritzes of fabric freshener like Febreze and a low-heat tumble dry with scented Bounce dryer sheets. A straightforward spot cleaning by hand is sufficient for minor stains as well.

When it comes to a dark wash jean, just hang it out on a hook (or try the ways described above) when you’re done wearing it to let it air out (again, provided it doesn’t smell, isn’t drenched in perspiration, or isn’t obviously unclean).

If you’re a stickler for your dark, raw denim, check out Heddels advice on cleaning your jeans. The Art of Manliness has a great post on general clothing care tips (i.e., how to wash your clothes).

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