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Everything to know about drafting a gift deed of property



Everything to know about drafting a gift deed of property

According to the dictionary definition, the word “deed,” also called evidence in ancient times, is essentially a legal document. Its function is to prove that you own a house or building, which is usually movable or immoveable. 

A deed must meet below requirements

  • It must include “Deed” in a transparent manner “Deed” clearly so that it can be mentioned in the context of nothing more than an act.
  • It should mention that the document serves as an instrument to extend the right or the thing to the person who is the nominee.
  • The grantor or the Donor must have the legal capacity to grant the privilege or gift mentioned, and the grantee or nominee must be in legal ability to accept it. Additionally, the grantee must agree to the present, item, or privilege to allow the deed to be completed.
  • The deed should mention and mention the presence of a witness, i.e., when executing any deed, a specified number of witnesses must be present. Also, it is often referred to as being in solemnity.
  • Since a deed can be considered an official document, it should bear an official seal from the relevant department. But, it could not be required in certain areas.

The gift deed, like the one mentioned earlier, is a legal document that details the voluntary transfer of personal, honest, or intellectual property ownership from one person or organization to another, as long as the grantor and the recipient have the legal authority to grant and acknowledge the same.

Being a human being, giving something to our dear and near family members is our second instinct to us. While it’s certainly a good habit to follow, most of us aren’t aware of the legal aspect of it, i.e., every gift you give is legally enforceable. It’s essential to know the implications. Experts also believe that the act of drafting a gift deed is more effective than writing your will. 

Why drafting a gift deed is more effective than writing your will?

  1. While a Will can be valid only upon the executor’s death, a gift deed can be executed during the owner’s life and if the legal approval of the Donee is in place and the transfer is made immediately.
  2. Wills are more susceptible to litigation when contrasted to a gift warrant, and the latter is valid only when legally registered.
  3. Any transfer described in the gift document between the Donor and the Donee is tax-free under Section 56(2)(vii) in the Tax on Income Law. Suppose an individual or an individual member of the Hind Undivided Family (HUF) gets the gift of relatives of blood or inheritance, or in the event of a wedding or the contemplation of the death of a loved one. It is exempt from tax. As an inheritance, or during the time of marriage or the event of death, it is exempt from tax.
  4. Although a will may be amended as often as you like, a gift deed will be typically irrevocable, i.e., it can’t be altered after it has been executed.
  5. Gift deeds are granted at no additional cost except the stamp duty that varies between states.

Transfer of Property Act 1882

According to the Transfer of Property Act 1882, A gift deed can be defined as the transfer of immovable or movable property as a gift. In Section 122, the Transfer of Property Act 1882 emphasizes the procedure for transferring the assistance or privilege, i.e., the transfer mentioned or desired is to be performed voluntarily and without coercion or pressure and is not based on any other motive apart from natural sentimental and emotional love for the person who is the grantor.

The law above considers the person who makes the transfer on their behalf as the item or privilege of being a donor and the person who accepts the same in the role of doe. Donors and donees are called the grantor and the grantee.

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While drafting a gift deed isn’t a requirement or a necessity. Still, it can give legality to your gift, i.e., it is a document and allows you to provide any item, whether movable or not when it meets the following property:

  • One of the most crucial aspects to be considered is that the Donor needs to be able to pay. One primary aspect to consider is that the Donor must be financially stable.
  • The gift is transferable.
  • It should exist as accurate and not be fictitious, i.e., it shouldn’t be a property that will become a thing in the future.
  • It should be tangible.
  • It has to be defined as a moveable and immovable asset.
  • It has been accepted by the person who did it.
  • It’s the gift of love, without thought, other than the natural sentiments of affection and love.

Essential aspects of Gift Deeds Of Property

A gift or privilege has three significant factors that are associated with it, as explained below:

A. Acceptance of the Donee

When the gift deed is written and executed, It is essential to decide if the person who is receiving the gift is in accord with the contribution made to them or not. Although it is usually assumed that the facility is in acceptance, this is not always the case since the gift deed could be ineffective if the person who is the Donee does not accept it. Therefore, the acceptance of the Donee is a mandatory and a legal requirement to be able to execute the gift deed.

B. Drafting the Gift Deed

In light of the fact, the gift deed can be an official document and is prepared by an attorney, and the relevant information accompanies it. It is essential not to leave out all the necessary and minor details for the deed to be self-sufficient.

Transfer of ownership registration of the property

After a property has been transferred via surrender, sale, or gift deeds in the “name” of the beneficiary, it is crucial to record the transfer in the municipal records through mutation.

Stamp duty on transfers is due to the applicable laws of your state. The stamp duty of gift deed may or may not be the same as the general stamp duty you pay when you sell or surrender the property. The stamp duty is different for various states in India.

The Circle Rate is the cost at which stamp duty is due upon transfer of immovable property. These rates indicate the likely price of property across different regions, and circle rates differ between cities of the same state and between other localities within cities.

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It is really amazing what is currently possible for punters with a little bit of direction and also understanding to play as well as win on such a consistent degree. There are several punters that have actually turned their time to even making a full-time revenue from steed betting, as even more individuals get entailed, the betting pools continue to expand and also with the appropriate laying play, so to can the wagering bank of any eager steed punter.

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