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The Most Reasonable Fee Structure Of MBBS in China



MBBS in China Fee Structure

Studying MBBS in China

Many students grow up with the dream of becoming a doctor There are many barriers to studying MBBS in Pakistan such as high cost, only a few seats available, etc. MBBS in China is the best option for international students among other options.

China has some of the top medical schools in the world that offer the best MBBS programs in English in the world. China has some of the best medical universities in the world that offer MBBS in China Fee Structure.

Since China has a very large education budget for medical science research and development, medical universities can afford to recruit international students at such low costs, hence the growing popularity of MBBS in China.

Since English is a very good language in China, students do not have to worry about learning a new native language.

Almost all medical universities in China are government-owned, so these are the best universities with the most advanced infrastructure and high-quality education. The duration of studying MBBS in China is 6 years, including a 1-year internship.

After completing MBBS in China, students can apply for FMGE, USMLE, and PLAB exams. After completing MBBS in China, students can continue their higher education or start working anywhere in the world!

Why should you choose to study MBBS in China?

The world is aware of the educational infrastructure in China. There are several reasons why students from other countries choose to study medicine in Chinese universities. Here we mention the top five reasons to study medicine in China.

To improve the quality of medical education, Chinese universities approved by the National Medical Council promote internationalization in education.

Since most Chinese medical universities offer scholarships, it is economical to study MBBS in China.

Well-equipped laboratories, spacious libraries, and state-of-the-art classrooms provide a healthy learning environment for students.

MBBS in China is accepted worldwide and students can apply for anything.

Students hone their research skills and contribute to China’s burgeoning medical industry.

To become a successful doctor, 5 years of classroom training is required in which students will gain all the necessary knowledge, therefore Chinese medical schools are structured to provide 5 years of classroom training.

Hands-on practical training is also provided to students.

After successfully completing the classroom training, students then enter a 1-year apprenticeship, which will focus solely on hands-on and hospital training, where students will have the opportunity to work with patients in real-time, handle procedures, operations, etc.

Students can also skip their apprenticeship in China and do the same in Pakistan. However, an NMC screening test will be required in Pakistan.

Therefore, the total duration of the MBBS program in China is 6 years.

Admission Process: Studying MBBS in China

Are you looking for an MBBS abroad? You can contact Choose Your University for various information related to the admission procedure.

Step 1: In order to gain admission to the MBBS program, candidates must submit original documents of the 10+2 standard, as well as certified copies of their matriculation certificates and photographs.

Step 2: During the counseling process, eligible candidates will receive a letter of invitation.

Step 3: After receiving the invitation letter the candidate can apply for a student visa.

Step 4: The candidate must submit copies of documents to the Chinese Embassy to obtain a travel visa.

Step 5: The candidate must pay tuition fees during the admission process.

Step 6: After completing the above process, the candidate can travel to China to work in the medical field.

MBBS in China – Eligibility Criteria for 2022-23

The following are the standard eligibility criteria for admission to the MBBS program at China Medical University.

The minimum age of the candidate must be 17 years on or before December 31 of the year in which the admission process is conducted.

Candidates of general caste must have obtained 50% aggregate marks in PCB and 40% aggregate marks for reserved category students.

Candidates must have a valid NEET card showing the qualifying NEET score.

The above information is for student reference only, as it may vary from one university to another in China.

Applicants should apply as early as possible, as summer vacations at all universities in China last from early July to the end of August.

Some facts about China’s competitive advantage

Here are some facts about the Chinese Ministry of Education that lead to high-quality standards.

China’s education system is one of the largest in the world.

China is a popular destination for studying abroad.

Chinese universities such as Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Fudan University, and Zhejiang University are among the best in the world.

Around 10 000 students study medicine in China.

In 1993, there were 1,070 full-time educational institutions in China.

The Chinese Medical University was the first medical school established by China’s Communist Party.

Partner universities in China

China’s partner institutions aim to ensure access to quality education on all continents and to promote medical education both at home and abroad.

Tsinghua National University

Chung Hsing National University

The National Central University

Kaohsiung Medical University

Taipei Medical University

Tunghai University

Asian University

MBBS programs offered in China

The courses offered to students are general medicine and clinical medicine.

Upon completion of the program, students can obtain a master’s degree in the specialty.

MBBS scholarships for medical students

Scholarships are available for international students. Scholarships are awarded to Pakistani students on the basis of their academic performance, depending on the respective courses.

The following are some of the scholarships awarded by the Chinese government.

University Scholarships (USA)

Chinese Government Scholarships (CGS)

Confucius Institute Scholarship (CIS)

Chinese Local Government Scholarship (CLGS)

Security factor. MBBS studies in China

China is one of the safest countries in the world and the crime rate is very low thanks to high-tech security measures. Foreign students are completely safe in China.

Chinese medical universities have installed CCTV cameras throughout campus, in libraries, laboratories, and classrooms to ensure student safety. Universities treat female students with respect.

After completing their MBBS in China, students got their MD/MS in the US.

After completing an MBBS abroad, students can study for an MD/MS in the US, and if they complete an MD/MS abroad, they do not have to take the NMC screening test before or after the MD abroad. This means that after completing an MBBS in China, you can study in the US at the PG level (MD/MS) without taking the NMC test.

The degree obtained in the US is valid in both Pakistan and the US

In addition, the student will get back all the money he/she spent on MBBS in the US in the form of a monthly stipend (approximately USD 4,200) during his/her medical education.

Medical studies in Germany after MBBS in China

Students who have studied at one of the top ten MBBS colleges in China are entitled to lifetime benefits.

Generally, students continue to pursue a master’s degree in Germany after completing an MBBS, but it is also a good option to pursue a medical degree in China after an MBBS. MBBS admission in China is simpler, easier, and more systematic.

China is located in East Asia and its economy is developing rapidly.

Officially known as the People’s Republic of China, it is the most populous country in the world.

China’s vast territory means that different regions have different climates.

China is home to around 1.42 billion people. China has lakes, rivers, grasslands and deserts, and 14 500 km of coastline.

China shares borders with Pakistan, Nepal, and Bhutan. Beijing is the capital of China. Shanghai is known as a financial and business center and is China’s largest city.

The Chinese have a very good culture and are very hospitable to foreigners because of China’s rich history.

Food and accommodation

Chinese cuisine is a mix of local and cultural dishes, which are highly appreciated by international students.

Universities and colleges serve good quality meals at affordable prices. Food costs around 4-8 USD.

For international students, life in China is quite reasonable.

Compared to many European countries, the costs in China are very similar.

Climatic conditions

China’s climate is a mix of continental and monsoon climates with cold winters and hot summers.

Due to China’s varied topography, the climate varies from temperature zone to temperature zone.

China has few cold days in the tropics, while Hainan province has a heavy rainy season.

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Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis




Cannabis is not just for stoners anymore. It’s been legalized in many states across the US, and now there are plenty of cannabis-related businesses popping up all over the country. But what exactly is cannabis? What makes it different from other types of herbs? And why have so many people suddenly begun smoking it? Also how to get cheap weed online.

What is Cannabis?

Cannabis is derived from the plant Cannabis sativa, which grows naturally in temperate and sub-tropical climates worldwide. The cannabis plant contains a number of different compounds, including the psychoactive component THC. THC is responsible for the “high” associated with cannabis use.

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in research involving cannabis as a treatment for a variety of medical conditions. Here are five facts about cannabis that you may not have known:

1. Cannabis is effective as a treatment for chronic pain. A 2017 study published in the journal Pain found that CBD was effective in reducing chronic pain symptoms in patients who had failed multiple other treatments.

2. Cannabis is also effective as a treatment for anxiety and depression. A 2018 study published in the journal Frontiers in Pharmacology found that CBD was able to reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms in healthy individuals.

3. Cannabis can help improve sleep quality. A 2016 study published in the journal Neurotherapeutics found that CBD improved sleep quality in people with insomnia.

4. Cannabis can help reduce inflammation throughout the body. A study published in the journal Rheumatology found that cannabinoids were able to reduce inflammation in mice models of arthritis.

How Does Cannabis Affect Me?

Cannabis is the most commonly used illicit drug in the world. There are a few different ways that cannabis can affect you, but the effects are usually subjective. For example, people feel euphoric and relaxed when they use cannabis, while others experience increased appetite and pain relief. However, there is scientific evidence to support some of the claims made by users about cannabis.

Cannabis has been shown to have various medical benefits. It can help alleviate symptoms of chronic pain, stimulate appetite in people with HIV/AIDs, and improve sleep quality for people with anxiety or PTSD. Additionally, cannabis has been shown to be an effective treatment for certain types of cancer. However, more research is needed to confirm these findings.

Because cannabis is a drug that has many potential benefits and drawbacks, it’s important to be aware of the risks before using it. Cannabis can increase anxiety and paranoia if it’s used frequently or in high doses. It can also lead to impaired judgement and coordination if used while pregnant or breastfeeding. Finally, cannabis use can increase your risk of developing addiction if you start using it regularly.

Who Should Use Cannabis?

Cannabis is a plant with a long history and many uses. For some people, it can be helpful for medical purposes. However, the use of cannabis is not limited to people with specific medical conditions.

Cannabis can also be helpful for recreational purposes. People who use cannabis typically do so to relax or have fun. Cannabis may also help improve moods and relieve pain.

There are a few things you need to know before using cannabis. First, cannabis should not be used if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Second, it is important to be aware of the fact that cannabis can affect your ability to drive or work. Third, it is important to be careful when using edibles because they can contain high levels of THC. Fourth, always keep in mind that cannabis is not safe for everyone. There are risks associated with using cannabis, even if you use it responsibly.

A Brief History of Cannabis

Cannabis has been used as a medicine and psychoactive drug for thousands of years. It is thought to have originated in Central Asia and was first cultivated in China. The first recorded use of cannabis as a medicine was in 2550 BC. Cannabis was also used as a recreational drug in ancient Greece and Rome. In medieval Europe, it was used to treat pain, depression, and anxiety. In the early 20th century, cannabis became popular as a recreational drug in North America and Europe.

Cannabis has been banned by the government of many countries, but it is legal for medical use in several states in the United States. Cannabis is also legal for recreational use in some states in Canada, Mexico, and Europe.


Cannabis has been used for centuries as a natural medicine and remedy. It can help to relieve pain, anxiety, and other conditions. In today’s world, there are many people who use cannabis for recreational purposes. If you’re considering using cannabis for medical reasons, it is important to understand the risks and benefits involved. This article provides an overview of everything you need to know about cannabis so that you can make the best decision for your health.

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4 Ways to Repair Corrupt Video Files



4 Ways to Repair Corrupt Video Files

Have you ever encountered the situation where you try to open a video file on your computer, but it doesn’t work? This can be extremely frustrating, especially if the video is important to you. Luckily, there are a few things you can try in order to repair the corrupt video file.

Why is Video File Not Playing?

There are so many reasons why a video file may not be playing. For example, the file may be corrupt, or the codecs needed to play the file may not be installed on your computer.

If you are trying to play a video file that is corrupt, you will need to repair the file. There are several ways to do this. You can use a video repair tool or try fixing the file yourself using a hex editor.

Why Do Video Files Got Corrupted?

There are a few reasons why video files can become corrupted. One possibility is that the file was not properly downloaded or transferred. This can happen if there is an interference in the connection while the file is being downloaded or copied. Another possibility is that a virus damaged the file.

Sometimes, even if a file seems fine, it can be corrupt when trying to play it back. This is because the codec, or compression/decompression algorithm, used to compress the file may not be compatible with the player you are using. Finally, if you try to play a file that is too large for your system to handle, it may cause corruption.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to repair corrupt video files on Windows. One method is to use a video repair tool. These tools often fix corrupt files by repairing the headers and metadata. Another method is to convert the video file to a different format and then back again. This can sometimes fix corruption by resetting the file’s structure. Finally, you can try playing the video in a different player or using a different codec. Sometimes, this can help playback by using a different method of decompressing the data.

Methods to repair Corrupted Video Files

Method 1: Repair Corrupted Video Files using VLC Media Player

VLC media player is a open-source multimedia player that supports various audio and video formats. It also has the ability to repair corrupted video files.

To repair a corrupted video file using VLC media player:

  1. Download and install VLC on your computer.
  2. Open the corrupted video file in VLC media player.
  3. Go to Tools > Preferences in the menu bar.
  4. Select the Repair damaged videos option in the list of preferences.
  5. Click Save and close the Preferences window.
  6. The repair process will start automatically and you will see a progress bar indicating the status of the repair process.

Method 2: Repair Video Files Using QuickTime Player (on MAC)

QuickTime Player is a media player that Apple develops. It can play, record, and edit audio and video files. QuickTime Player can also be used to repair corrupt video files.

To use QuickTime Player to repair corrupt video files, follow these steps:

  1. Launch QuickTime Player.
  2. Click on File and then select Open File.
  3. Interesting information About Streameast
  4. Select the corrupt video file that you want to repair.
  5. Click on the Open button.
  6. QuickTime Player will now start repairing the corrupt video file. Once the process ends, you will be able to view the repaired video file.
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Online Counseling for Overcoming Bereavement



Pic show the healthness

symptic of words

The intense sadness a person may feel after suffering a great loss is known as grief. Grief counseling is a form of psychotherapy that could assist people in regaining their ability to function on a daily basis after this loss. Some people might like online bereavement counseling over in-person counseling.

Humans naturally grieve when they experience loss. Depending on the specifics of the loss and other reasons, each person’s mourning process may vary. A variety of feelings, such as sorrow, anger, guilt, and hatred, are experienced by the bereaved. Physical symptoms like crying or sleepiness may also be brought on by thoughts and fears associated with the loss. Even though it could never totally disappear or fade, for many people, the pain of sadness decreases with time.

Grief can be complicated, and annoying, and you may isolate yourself in grief. Even while it could seem like you’re the only one in your sadness, you’re not. You can also think that while you’re confined to one location, everyone else is free to move on with their life. If this applies to you, just let yourself accept and process whatever is going on for you; it’s okay. Do not forget that there is no time limit on sorrow. It takes as long as it takes, so during this trying time, look out for yourself and be patient with yourself.

Take help from best Clinical Psychologist at TalktoAngel for your mental health concerns.

Signs and symptoms of grief  Online Counseling Online Counseling

People who experience grief go through two types of symptoms. They are physical and emotional. Emotional symptoms are:

  • Sadness
  • Irritated
  • Emotional numbness
  • Overwhelmed with sorrow

What is online grief counseling Online Counseling Online Counseling?

Online grief counseling is a type of bereavement therapy that is accessible online. Telemental healthcare may be comparable to in-person services, according to some research. It might also offer the extra advantages of being less expensive and easier to access. The “offering of advice, information, and psychological support” to help people in regaining their capacity to function after a loss, as defined by the American Psychological Association (APA), is known as grief counseling.

Benefits of online grief or bereavement counseling

There are various benefits of bereavement counseling. They are as follows:

  • It helps in the reduction of anxiety, stress, guilt, and depression
  • It helps with the process of grieving and people start to understand that
  • It helps people to know that there are many ways of grieving and they can follow any of them.
  • It helps people so that they can honor people who have died instead of being in trauma for the same.
  • Supports People in Understanding That Different Loss Can Lead to Grief.
  • It helps them to indulge back in self-care techniques and activities

In order to assist a person deal with their loss and sense of sadness, grief therapy seeks to give those tools and techniques. A person may do this by talking about their thoughts and feelings with a therapist or support group to learn how to go through the grieving process. Receiving grief therapy may also assist individuals in avoiding possible grief-related side effects like eating disorders, destructive behavior, or trouble sleeping.

Types of online grief counseling

Depending on their particular circumstances, a person may select one or more of the several varieties of online grief therapy. The types that are offered will be covered in more detail in the sections that follow:

Video call

Counseling over the phone or through video is one alternative. Due to time constraints or location, these options enable people to receive services that they might not be able to otherwise. According to the APA, telemental health is a suitable substitute for in-person care in a variety of circumstances and is comparable to it.


There are some applications and websites which handle telemental health care and provide therapists online through text or messaging. Control messages therapy may be just as successful as in-person treatment, according to studies. As a result, for people who prefer to keep their emotions to themselves, apps like these can be a practical choice.

Support groups

People can join support groups online, just like those that convene in person. This can be done with locals or with individuals all around the world because it is done online. Being with people going through similar situations might be helpful for a person in group therapy. They can feel less alone as a result of this, and they can also learn that everyone deals with sorrow in their own way and at their own rate.

How to choose?

One should first think about the method of help they would feel most at ease using, whether that be through live chats, social media groups, apps, or videos. They could also want to visit a therapist in person. Additionally, they want to make sure that any grief counseling they seek out is provided by a qualified individual who has been approved by a professional organization. Grief online counseling may also be provided by members of the clergy, social workers, nurses, or marriage and family therapists who have completed additional training in this area. If you are searching for Best Clinical Psychologist near meyou can connect with TalktoAngel an online counselling platform for your mental health issues.

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