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What is a runtime mistake?



runtime mistake

A runtime blunder is an issue that happens during the execution of a program. At the end of the day, it tends to be characterized as a blunder that happens while sending off the product. A runtime mistake can keep you from involving an application as well as a PC. Once in a while, a runtime blunder can be settled by essentially reviving the gadget or program. At times, an extraordinary activity might be expected by the clients to fix the blunder.

You may likewise get a mistake when a program is running, however, a runtime blunder is not the same as these sorts of mistakes. Regularly, you will see a little window or a sign of this blunder with a portrayal of the impacted application and a mistake code. Likewise, the blunder window incorporates an idea to contact the help group. You might see a defer in your framework when a runtime blunder happens. An illustration of a runtime mistake is displayed underneath.

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On account of programming, the program might deal with issues while running or during its runtime. The product will not be able to determine, and it tosses a runtime mistake when an issue happens, and that implies I had an issue while I was running; Therefore, it couldn’t determine. The most perceptible sort of runtime mistake is a program crash since it makes the program close startlingly while running. Crashing a program can be because of memory spills or other programming issues. Referring to non-existent records, partitioning by nothing, confusing exceptional info, or executing unlawful strategies are a few models.

What causes runtime mistakes?

There are many purposes behind a runtime blunder that happens contingent upon the program. Once in a while, this can occur; Programmers knew about a bug intrinsic in the product yet couldn’t fix it. The more normal reasons are the absence of memory or other framework assets that the application needs to appropriately run. A few different reasons are examined beneath:

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1. Terrible Programming

Terrible programming practice can be a reason for runtime mistakes. The product can cause a runtime blunder on the off chance that the software engineer loads it with a memory spill. This issue can be fixed with the assistance of introducing a product fix (if accessible). Be that as it may, since these blunders are innate in the product, it is impossible to fix this issue assuming that there is no fix accessible.

2. Maturing or harmed equipment

Generally, the usefulness of the product relies on how your peripherals are functioning in your PC. In the event that your PC has a hard drive that is over two years of age, your framework’s cooling fan may not be working; You have as of late had a lightning storm, and you might see a drop in help. Any of these occasions can make your product create a runtime blunder.

3. Other Software

One program can influence different projects on your PC assuming it is running inadequately. Numerous things partake in a Windows climate; A runtime mistake can happen when the Rouge application is stacked. For this situation, you can close any remaining applications that might end up being useful to fix the issue and check to assume your product has a runtime mistake.

4. Infection or other malware

Infections and other malware can cause a ton of harm since they can run behind the scenes undetected. Even though they are not the essential driver of causing a runtime mistake, they can produce one. It is fundamental for you to check your framework day to day by utilizing some sort of antivirus programming.

Runtime mistakes can happen for some reasons. Assuming you have as of late introduced programming and it is giving you issues, it is conceivable that the product is turning sour. On the off chance that your product was turned out great for quite a while, it very well may be your equipment. For this situation, examine your framework and take a look at your equipment.

Runtime blunder types

To more readily comprehend what a runtime mistake is, you want to go through a portion of its generally expected structures, which are as per the following:

Rationale mistake: When a product engineer embeds erroneous source code into a program or application, which makes the wrong rationale for it, and afterward a rationale blunder happens. For instance, once in a while designers within the event that assertions commit errors since they discard sensible qualities to return “valid”. Numerous runtime blunders fall under this class.

Memory Leak: This is one more sort of runtime blunder, which happens when a program depletes the PC’s RAM. Unpatched programming is more answerable for causing this sort of blunder like you can’t refresh your working framework.

Division by Zero Error: With Excel exercise manuals, on the off chance that you partition a worth by nothing, it is a mistake. All out may show a DIV/0 blunder on the off chance that you input the equation in the calculation sheet. To deliver the right result, cell equations should be organized precisely.

Vague item mistake: This is a blunder that happens when a program applies settled objects. In comparative words, as the code is covered a few levels profound inside the code or doesn’t exist; Therefore, the code “can’t peruse” or find where a property is.

Input/Output Device Error: When the issues happen with the read/compose capacity of a gadget, the Input/Output (I/O) gadget mistakes emerge. There are a few normal reasons that are liable for happening Input/Output Device Error incorporate OS inconsistency, gadget breakdown, defective widespread sequential transport (USB) ports, and obsolete drivers. Thus, you will see a brief that incorporates a message the gadget was not open, through which records don’t encode or move into it. By and large, to fix this issue, the PC or the memory drive should be restarted.

Encoding Error: When a document is delivering, for instance, a video record is changing over into an open or usable record design; the encoding blunder happens right now. This is a result of the idea of the encoding system. The “encoding fizzled” or “encoding over-burden” is remembered for this sort of blunder message.

The most effective method to Fix a Runtime Error

To start with, you are expected to know about a runtime mistake that happens because of bugs that the developers knew about a bug contained by the product however were couldn’t fix. Most presumably, albeit, a runtime blunder emerges because of an absence of memory or different assets required for an application to accurately run.

At times, when you fix the runtime blunder issues, it will likewise determine issues that do affect Windows applications. In different cases, it tends to be much hard to cure runtime mistakes; it might require a more application-explicit arrangement. There are not many investigating tips given underneath, which you can follow to fix runtime mistakes.

Restart your PC: This is a well-established strategy that may frequently assist with fixing issues, including runtime blunders. Likewise, runtime mistakes are no exemption.

Close different applications: Another program or application might be caused happen runtime mistake since it is workable for one more application to struggle with the program you are attempting to run. What’s more, it might happen that it is utilizing an excessive number of framework assets, which might be caused to emerge runtime blunder. Close applications that you don’t require with the assistance of opening Windows Task Manager, and afterward attempt to open the program once more.

Run the application in experimental mode: Because Safe Mode is the most stripped-down adaptation of Windows, it sporadically permits applications to run that it wouldn’t in any case have the option to. To do this, you are expected to boot in protected mode, then, at that point, attempt to run the application or program once more.

Update the application or program: It’s conceivable that the issue emerges from a blemish or blunder in the program’s latest delivery. In the event that you can refresh it, you ought to refresh it by utilizing a different utility or download its most recent rendition with the assistance of utilizing your program, and afterward check in the event that the issue has been fixed or not.

Reinstall the application: Reinstall the application: It might be your application is turning into the motivation to happen runtime blunder, as a need might arise to be reinstalled or has been debased. Utilizing the Windows Add or Remove Programs apparatus, you can save imperative documents from the program and afterward uninstall it.

Update your drivers: A motherboard, Windows, or illustrations driver might be caused to emerge a runtime blunder. Ensure you have the most recent late drivers for your framework, which you can download from the maker’s site. You may likewise utilize a driver updater that is accessible for nothing.

Examine for malware: Malware and infections are bound to make runtime issues while utilizing a specific program. Filtering your framework is smart that gives guaranteed a framework is spotless of any diseases. To clean your framework from infections, you might utilize any antivirus program or read our aide on the best way to clean your framework from malware.

Ensure you have sufficient memory and capacity: Sometimes, less memory and capacity might cause a runtime mistake since applications require some additional extra room to accurately run. In this manner, utilizing the assignment chief, you want to ensure your framework has sufficient extra room or memory for every application. You can utilize a circle analyzer instrument (on the off chance that you want it) that might be useful to you to clear up some space on your PC.

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6 Wonderful Microsoft SharePoint Capabilities to Boost Productivity



sharepoint mobile app

Are you thinking about using Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint Mobile App solutions but are not sure about its capabilities?

Well, Microsoft SharePoint is a highly customizable cloud-based platform that helps your team members work remotely and work smarter. It was designed to enhance work productivity by helping your teams embrace the collaboration.

Microsoft SharePoint is one of the best document management systems (DMS) across the world. It allows you to manage your corporate content, creates websites, and company intranets that maintain the information transparency between employees.

By using its outstanding rich customization capabilities, you can automate your crucial tasks and build customized apps to ensure greater productivity.

If you’re still not convinced about the benefits and capabilities of Microsoft SharePoint solutions, read this blog further.

Why Choose Microsoft SharePoint?

Before we talk about the benefits of SharePoint-based solutions, you need to find out the reasons to use it. Below, we have stated the top 7 reasons why companies require Microsoft SharePoint development services and why would you need it.

Let’s check out here!

If your employees are working from home.
If your employees often move from multiple client locations.
If your team members need access to various devices to access important files and documents.
If you want to keep all your employees updated about any changes in documents, content, or policy.
If you want to shift your important data and content to a centralized location.
If you share the documents with your customers often.
If you’re using USBs to transport and work on presentations, or marketing collateral.
Can you relate to the reasons stated above? If yes, congrats! You have got all these requirements fulfilled with Microsoft SharePoint Knowledge Management System (KMS).

The following requirements have led companies to switch on Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint –

Motivating your employees to become more productive
Providing them opportunities to work remotely
Streamlining the customers’ interaction and many more.
Including real-time, high-powered tagging, and rich customization capabilities, SharePoint has several great features built into it.

6 Impressive Features of Microsoft SharePoint Document management systems (DMS)
Let’s explore the powerful capabilities of this platform to decide if it’s the right fit for your organization!

  1. Azure Search
    It’s a new technology that uses advanced search functionality with customized applications and gets you the most relevant search results. This feature offers additional search capabilities across Microsoft SharePoint Server and Office 365 applications.

Using drag and drop options, you can search your files using the specific keywords, phrases, or highlighted text

  1. Social Networking
    With SharePoint Knowledge Management Solution, you can connect your platform with social media channels. It offers three different hubs in the navigation bar. These hubs merge the RSS Feeds, Sites, OneDrive, and My Site to provide the users with a wonderful experience.

This unification enables employees to post to their Newsfeeds on the team site and stay connected with others’ activities as well. Apart from this, members can embrace microblogging features and engage in conversations with co-members.

  1. Easy Integrations
    Integration with Skype for Business
    What can be better when you can merge your Skype for Business with Microsoft SharePoint to enhance the communication! Using this combination, you can even do videoconferencing, chatting, voice calling, collaborations, and online meetings with your team members.

Doesn’t it sound great?

Outlook Integration
The outstanding capabilities of Outlook provide a folder hierarchy that can be accessed online as well as offline.

By integrating it with Microsoft SharePoint solutions, you can allow your employees to sync folders and store the emails. The email attachments can be moved from Outlook Folders, Desktop, or other apps to SharePoint using the drag and drop approach.

One Drive Integration
OneDrive is the storage resource of Microsoft cloud. It enables your employees to store files and documents at one location for easy access and sharing.

By integrating this app with Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint, you can easily transfer the files OneDrive to save on-premises storage.

Many businesses can also use ‘OneDrive for Business’ with SharePoint-based solutions to directly access it using Office 365 server.

Mobile Integration
Use your company intranet on Microsoft SharePoint’s mobile app that enables quick access to business files, resources, coworkers, and more. By using this mobile app, users can be benefited from a wide range of resources and features.

  1. Business Search Engine
    If you’re in search of an efficient Document Management System, Microsoft SharePoint is undoubtedly the right choice. It comes up with an intuitive search engine that simplifies your headache of organizing and locating the documents and data.

Going beyond traditional document searching, it enables employees to locate conversation records, important announcements, and much more.

  1. Business Intelligence
    Using advanced business intelligence and insight tools of Microsoft SharePoint, you can transform your business operations. Get more accurate and improved information to plan new initiatives for enhancing your work productivity.
  2. Data Migration
    In Microsoft SharePoint, you will have a FastTrack Center that ensures easy migration of your files and data to OneDrive. Your important files and data can be moved from any application like Dropbox, Google Drive, and many others.

Get Microsoft SharePoint Consulting Services from Experts
Narola Solutions specializes in the implementation and ongoing support of Microsoft SharePoint services in a commercial environment.

We hope that through the above article, you have got useful information about how Microsoft SharePoint will add value to your business. If you’d like to find out more about what Microsoft SharePoint can do for your business, connect with us today!

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An Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Application Development 



Enterprise Application

Every year billions are spent on enterprise application development. The growth of enterprise application is exponentially increasing and will likely be more in the coming years. It is one of the fastest-growing markets in the business world. Enterprise application development is a sophisticated app/software development process that intends to improve business processes and aspects. The goal behind the development of applications is to: 

  • Improve efficiency  
  • Streamline business processes 
  • Increase employee productivity  
  • Streamline operations and employee data 
  • Secure sensitive and core business matters  
  • Prevent data mishandling 
  • Strengthen existing workflow  
  • Redesign and restructure IT infrastructure  

Enterprise applications are a must-have for staying up-to-date with modern trends and practices in the market. Also, they ensure healthy competition amongst players. Enterprise applications help businesses remain relevant and competitive in a highly saturated homogenous tech market. With the high infiltration of unified apps and software in the market, more employees are shifting to them. Therefore, companies need to take prompt action to counter the shift and digitize in the right direction. The only way to accomplish that is by developing enterprise applications. 

Benefits and Challenges  

Every technology, tool, and methodology has its fair share of benefits and challenges. The same is the case with enterprise application development. Let’s first go through the benefits.   

  1. Automation of workflow: in the absence of the right application and process, organizations can suffer big time due to manual operations. They take a significant amount of time and energy to complete. Enterprise mobile applications save companies from the trouble of manual operations by automating the workflow. It saves a lot of time which can then be put to some other use for any crucial task.  
  1. Improved productivity: these applications have the ability to improve employee functional productivity. They streamline complex and lengthy processes while enhancing employee productivity. Employee productivity results in gains for the business.  
  1. Higher customer engagement: The USP for a successful and profitable business is customer-focused products and services. Companies that strive to provide the best value to their customers through their applications always succeed. But, to serve your customer better requires knowing your customers first. These applications help businesses gather useful and accurate customer data and insights regarding their preferences. The data helps establish a strong marketing strategy to improve customer conversion, UX, and acquisition rates. 
  1. Collaboration: departments and employees working in silos rarely make an impact on the business. Therefore, collaboration between the departments and employees is very important. This is now possible and easier with enterprise applications. They allow the employees to collaborate seamlessly. 


  1. Setup and implementation: Enterprise applications can be tricky and complex when it comes to their settings and implementation. They require heavy investment in the form of skills and expertise. It takes blood and sweat to maneuver an ideal customer-centric application. It takes an army of skills, knowledge, and experience to bring out a good product. Organizations need a highly skilled task force (developers and project managers) to accomplish something great.  
  1. Compliance issues: certain rules and compliance policies can hinder the development and process of enterprise application development. Every organization has to abide by data protection and privacy laws. To develop the perfect enterprise application, it is necessary to have complete knowledge and understanding of the existing policies, security protocols, and compliance regulations. In the absence of these or negligence regarding these can mess up the development process.  
  1. Understanding of ERP software features: many startups are unaware of the crucial features of enterprise applications. These applications help companies achieve business-crucial KPIs. But if misunderstood, these apps can be more challenging than profitable. It is, therefore, important and necessary to have the best lot of developers and project managers to assist the application development process. Only their vast experience and knowledge can help you deliver the right solutions.  

Different Kinds of Enterprise Applications 

Following are the notable and prominent kinds of enterprise applications: 

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning: this software deals with different functions within an organization, such as accounting, procurement, HR, Sales, Production, etc.  
  1. Low-code Development Platforms 
  1. Business Intelligence  
  1. Business Process Management  
  1. Content Management System  
  1. Customer Relationship Management  
  1. Database Management System (DBMS) 
  1. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
  1. Human Resource Management (HRM) 
  1. Knowledge Management (KM) 

If you are looking for a complete guide on enterprise application development, then this is the right platform. Explore and learn more. 

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Telecom Billing Software Neon Releases New updated version 4.23.1



Neon Version 4.23.1

Neon Soft (A Telecom Billing Software Company) is pleased to announce the launch of the newest version 4.23.1 of its software, which includes many new features and improved performance. 

The company received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the market regarding its telecom billing solution and was inspired to continue delivering top-notch services to its customers. 

Version 4.23.1 delivers improved performance, larger capacities, advanced management tools, and advanced security upgrades as well as other benefits that are intended to benefit end users of the software.

What are the new things added in NEON version 4.23.1?

Here are some things that have been added or updated in the current version of telecom billing software NEON. So let’s take a look at some of the most notable changes in this newest version

Added integration With BatchDialer

Neon Soft has implemented a new integration with BatchDialer, a unique telemarketing software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The integration will allow Neon Soft customers to seamlessly transition from telecom billing to telemarketing using the same database and accounts, making it easy for companies looking to get started in telemarketing with an established telecom billing system in place to do so at a minimal cost.

Added SMS Rate Upload and SMS Rerate Feature

By adding SMS Rate Upload and SMS Rerate Feature in this release, Neon is able to provide a more seamless billing experience for our clients. The SMS Rate Upload feature lets you upload your carrier rates onto the software to have them updated automatically with any changes to your carrier plans. This eliminates the need for manual updates, which can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

Faster billing cycle time

Neon Soft’s engineers have been hard at work to improve the performance of this telecom billing solution. By updating the software, they are now able to provide updates and optimizations in a matter of days as opposed to months or years! Now, you can enjoy faster billing cycle times with all the other benefits of previous versions.

Faster BSS/OSS integration

BSS or OSS, if you’re not familiar with these acronyms, refers to Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems respectively. With the integration of these two systems, users can now send their billing requests to one system and have them automatically sent to the other system for processing and reconciliation.

Simpler user interface

Neon Soft is proud to announce the release of Neon Soft Version 4.23.1, a significant update for the telecom billing software that includes a simplified user interface, new pricing plans and many other options! The company has been working hard to make the software even easier for both new and existing users.

Improved portal experience

The latest release of Neon Soft features a new, faster and more responsive portal experience with updated navigation menus and icons that are easier to use on mobile devices. The new design enables administrators to quickly find the appropriate menu items they need. While in portal mode while making it easier to move around the portal with improved keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality.

Bug fixes and UI enhancements

In addition to new features, Neon Soft version 4.23.1 also includes a number of bug fixes and UI enhancements that make using the software even more efficient and user-friendly. Some of these improvements include: 

  • Enhanced ability to set up recurring billing cycles 
  • Improved data export format in PDF format 
  • Improved language localization 
  • Enhanced performance when working with large file sizes 
  • Added option to automatic invoice export to Xero in cronjob page

Improved date filter on CDR Page

The date filter on the CDR page has been updated to provide a better user experience. The new date filter now allows for filtering of dates by day, week, month or year. The new date filter also provides search functionality so that users can quickly find the desired date without scrolling through all of the other days in the calendar grid below. 


The release of Neon Soft (Telecom Billing Software) version 4.23.1 is a major update that includes a number of new features, including the new user-friendly dashboard and interface which will make it easier for users to manage their accounts, view their sales opportunities and track the time they spend on various activities. Furthermore, performance has been improved as well with more efficient data handling and faster processing speeds thanks to the changes in the underlying code.

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