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Why to Use a Readymade Website for Your e-commerce Business?



In the present day fast-paced online environment, beginning a business from the ground up is challenging. For initial e-commerce start-ups, the agony and pain of starting from scratch is ideally understandable and mostly unbearable.  Of course, since you have been working offline or you have never really tried out your hands on the web, it could be altogether a big challenge for your business to have a powerful presence on the web.

Well, talking about a ready-made website, it is really in trend. When you are in business, you should make the smart moves to reap the best outcomes. You can get Readymade ecommerce website for your company and ensure that your business grows substantially.  After all, once you try out something like this, you are going to find absolute contentment. For your understanding, here are some perks that you should not miss out on.

Saving your Time as well as money

A website takes two or even three months to organize everything and has to be absolutely prepared for at least half a year for overall development. In addition, the website even takes 2-3 weeks to simply get design, marketing strategy, positioning strategies, and even websites.

You know what, the ready-made concept for your ecommerce business solves all problems. After order your desired website, you will easily get all the solutions to begin the website like development, that of design, hosting, domain and even that of Security. Yes, there is an option to make alterations to the formula or design. However, the overall work has already been done and you can even that of start anytime. In this way, you are able to save a lot of money and time.

Overall Page Load Speed

People naturally lose their patience, when visiting any website. In case it takes more time to simply load the website. It is more probable that a person will leave wholly before submitting. In case the speed of a site obstructs the capability to deliver content swiftly , beautiful graphics and sufficient material are useless.

Many factors are there affect site speed, including server speed, that of number of graphics, website traffic, and more. A ready website makes sure reliable site hosting, proper code optimized. And even that of customized graphics to diminish all the controlling factors that gradual or slows down the site’s speed. A readymade website actually has a blazing fast page load speed to simply optimize your website’s performance and even give you the finest experience.

The compatibility of Browsers  

Browser compatibility cannot just be easily ignored. Even some of the most companies websites actually suffer from this problem because of infrequent use. It is worse for branding and has a bad or negative impact on the overall usefulness of the website. Although modern day browsers have turn out to be more efficient. Browser compatibility is the manner in which a Web page looks in diverse web browsers. Different browsers read website codes in a different manner. In other words, Chrome is going to present a website differently than that of Firefox or Internet Explorer. It is quite important to make sure that your website actually is compatible with diverse types of browsers because not all people make use of the same browser. Prime browsers include IE, that of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and mobile devices to make sure your site.

You know what, a ready-made website is going to be compatible with Chrome, Firefox, and even that of Mobile devices. The ready-made website forms up multi-browser compatible websites so that your website is going to work smoothly on all the browser without any type of issue. Of course, you would not have to take any headaches related to anything because your website would be featured in every aspect and would not show any signs of any type of compatibility issues.


When you want to take your business online and want to open up a website, you need to be sure that you have a proper safety mechanism for your working. Of course, there is a lot of data, information, and things involved in the business online. So, if you build your own website and design, it and all, you may take up a lot of time and have to do so much of brainstorming and more to ensure that your website is secure and absolutely tamperproof. However, if you take up a readymade website for your ecommerce business, you can be sure that you get the utmost security features in the website itself. The point is simple, you would get all the security features that the website you purchase has. And not to miss that the readymade websites have been designed and made in a way that they do not have any security breaches. They do meet the overall security requirements. Hence, you can be confident that the website of your business stays secure and your reputation never goes for a toss.

Aesthetics and styles 

If you feel that you may have to compromise with whatever you get then you are mistaken. When you start looking for the readymade website options for your ecommerce business, you might find a streak of websites that are amazing. You can go through them and choose according to their design, features and more. In this way, you can be sure that you get the perfect sort of website for your overall working. After all, it is about having a website that works well for your business and is good looking.  These readymade websites are designed in a way that that they are absolutely efficient in their working, effective and have utmost productivity. In this way, you can be sure that you win more consumers through the effectivity and charm of your website.


To sum up, use readymade website for your ecommerce business and you would find the best results. After all, when you can get something ready for you to use that too without any delays, compromises and disappointments; you must not miss out on that. You should would find your business in bright light with such a smart move.

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An Ultimate Guide to Enterprise Application Development 



Enterprise Application

Every year billions are spent on enterprise application development. The growth of enterprise application is exponentially increasing and will likely be more in the coming years. It is one of the fastest-growing markets in the business world. Enterprise application development is a sophisticated app/software development process that intends to improve business processes and aspects. The goal behind the development of applications is to: 

  • Improve efficiency  
  • Streamline business processes 
  • Increase employee productivity  
  • Streamline operations and employee data 
  • Secure sensitive and core business matters  
  • Prevent data mishandling 
  • Strengthen existing workflow  
  • Redesign and restructure IT infrastructure  

Enterprise applications are a must-have for staying up-to-date with modern trends and practices in the market. Also, they ensure healthy competition amongst players. Enterprise applications help businesses remain relevant and competitive in a highly saturated homogenous tech market. With the high infiltration of unified apps and software in the market, more employees are shifting to them. Therefore, companies need to take prompt action to counter the shift and digitize in the right direction. The only way to accomplish that is by developing enterprise applications. 

Benefits and Challenges  

Every technology, tool, and methodology has its fair share of benefits and challenges. The same is the case with enterprise application development. Let’s first go through the benefits.   

  1. Automation of workflow: in the absence of the right application and process, organizations can suffer big time due to manual operations. They take a significant amount of time and energy to complete. Enterprise mobile applications save companies from the trouble of manual operations by automating the workflow. It saves a lot of time which can then be put to some other use for any crucial task.  
  1. Improved productivity: these applications have the ability to improve employee functional productivity. They streamline complex and lengthy processes while enhancing employee productivity. Employee productivity results in gains for the business.  
  1. Higher customer engagement: The USP for a successful and profitable business is customer-focused products and services. Companies that strive to provide the best value to their customers through their applications always succeed. But, to serve your customer better requires knowing your customers first. These applications help businesses gather useful and accurate customer data and insights regarding their preferences. The data helps establish a strong marketing strategy to improve customer conversion, UX, and acquisition rates. 
  1. Collaboration: departments and employees working in silos rarely make an impact on the business. Therefore, collaboration between the departments and employees is very important. This is now possible and easier with enterprise applications. They allow the employees to collaborate seamlessly. 


  1. Setup and implementation: Enterprise applications can be tricky and complex when it comes to their settings and implementation. They require heavy investment in the form of skills and expertise. It takes blood and sweat to maneuver an ideal customer-centric application. It takes an army of skills, knowledge, and experience to bring out a good product. Organizations need a highly skilled task force (developers and project managers) to accomplish something great.  
  1. Compliance issues: certain rules and compliance policies can hinder the development and process of enterprise application development. Every organization has to abide by data protection and privacy laws. To develop the perfect enterprise application, it is necessary to have complete knowledge and understanding of the existing policies, security protocols, and compliance regulations. In the absence of these or negligence regarding these can mess up the development process.  
  1. Understanding of ERP software features: many startups are unaware of the crucial features of enterprise applications. These applications help companies achieve business-crucial KPIs. But if misunderstood, these apps can be more challenging than profitable. It is, therefore, important and necessary to have the best lot of developers and project managers to assist the application development process. Only their vast experience and knowledge can help you deliver the right solutions.  

Different Kinds of Enterprise Applications 

Following are the notable and prominent kinds of enterprise applications: 

  1. Enterprise Resource Planning: this software deals with different functions within an organization, such as accounting, procurement, HR, Sales, Production, etc.  
  1. Low-code Development Platforms 
  1. Business Intelligence  
  1. Business Process Management  
  1. Content Management System  
  1. Customer Relationship Management  
  1. Database Management System (DBMS) 
  1. Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) 
  1. Human Resource Management (HRM) 
  1. Knowledge Management (KM) 

If you are looking for a complete guide on enterprise application development, then this is the right platform. Explore and learn more. 

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Telecom Billing Software Neon Releases New updated version 4.23.1



Neon Version 4.23.1

Neon Soft (A Telecom Billing Software Company) is pleased to announce the launch of the newest version 4.23.1 of its software, which includes many new features and improved performance. 

The company received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the market regarding its telecom billing solution and was inspired to continue delivering top-notch services to its customers. 

Version 4.23.1 delivers improved performance, larger capacities, advanced management tools, and advanced security upgrades as well as other benefits that are intended to benefit end users of the software.

What are the new things added in NEON version 4.23.1?

Here are some things that have been added or updated in the current version of telecom billing software NEON. So let’s take a look at some of the most notable changes in this newest version

Added integration With BatchDialer

Neon Soft has implemented a new integration with BatchDialer, a unique telemarketing software that is powered by Artificial Intelligence. The integration will allow Neon Soft customers to seamlessly transition from telecom billing to telemarketing using the same database and accounts, making it easy for companies looking to get started in telemarketing with an established telecom billing system in place to do so at a minimal cost.

Added SMS Rate Upload and SMS Rerate Feature

By adding SMS Rate Upload and SMS Rerate Feature in this release, Neon is able to provide a more seamless billing experience for our clients. The SMS Rate Upload feature lets you upload your carrier rates onto the software to have them updated automatically with any changes to your carrier plans. This eliminates the need for manual updates, which can be time-consuming and prone to mistakes.

Faster billing cycle time

Neon Soft’s engineers have been hard at work to improve the performance of this telecom billing solution. By updating the software, they are now able to provide updates and optimizations in a matter of days as opposed to months or years! Now, you can enjoy faster billing cycle times with all the other benefits of previous versions.

Faster BSS/OSS integration

BSS or OSS, if you’re not familiar with these acronyms, refers to Business Support Systems and Operations Support Systems respectively. With the integration of these two systems, users can now send their billing requests to one system and have them automatically sent to the other system for processing and reconciliation.

Simpler user interface

Neon Soft is proud to announce the release of Neon Soft Version 4.23.1, a significant update for the telecom billing software that includes a simplified user interface, new pricing plans and many other options! The company has been working hard to make the software even easier for both new and existing users.

Improved portal experience

The latest release of Neon Soft features a new, faster and more responsive portal experience with updated navigation menus and icons that are easier to use on mobile devices. The new design enables administrators to quickly find the appropriate menu items they need. While in portal mode while making it easier to move around the portal with improved keyboard shortcuts and drag-and-drop functionality.

Bug fixes and UI enhancements

In addition to new features, Neon Soft version 4.23.1 also includes a number of bug fixes and UI enhancements that make using the software even more efficient and user-friendly. Some of these improvements include: 

  • Enhanced ability to set up recurring billing cycles 
  • Improved data export format in PDF format 
  • Improved language localization 
  • Enhanced performance when working with large file sizes 
  • Added option to automatic invoice export to Xero in cronjob page

Improved date filter on CDR Page

The date filter on the CDR page has been updated to provide a better user experience. The new date filter now allows for filtering of dates by day, week, month or year. The new date filter also provides search functionality so that users can quickly find the desired date without scrolling through all of the other days in the calendar grid below. 


The release of Neon Soft (Telecom Billing Software) version 4.23.1 is a major update that includes a number of new features, including the new user-friendly dashboard and interface which will make it easier for users to manage their accounts, view their sales opportunities and track the time they spend on various activities. Furthermore, performance has been improved as well with more efficient data handling and faster processing speeds thanks to the changes in the underlying code.

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Software Development Companies with Quality



Software Development Companies with Quality


Entrepreneurs and owners of companies have understood that they need a reliable software development company to create their products in this technological age. The main cause of this is that many small businesses lack the skills necessary to create a website or mobile application. They must employ a qualified business or developer to handle it for them.

a business that produces software in India

We are Software Development Company India with a full stack. To offer the best solutions to clients worldwide, our team of highly qualified and experienced developers, business analysts, project managers, and UX designers works.

Employ dot-net programmers

    You are hire dot net developers

  • Staff augment services
  • dot net developers
  •  dot net companies in India,
  • dot net companies in the United States

Employ the world’s top.NET developers..

Leading software development firm Dot Net Developers provides a variety of Providing software services to clients worldwide. Years of experience in creating top-notch apps using Microsoft.NET frameworks like ASP.NET, MVC, and WPF have been accumulated by our team of committed developers.

Our staff members are highly qualified and experienced in providing cutting-edge solutions for your company’s demands. By using their knowledge to create scalable, reasonably priced, and robust web applications that match your expectations at every stage of the development lifecycle, from design to deployment, our.Net Developers can help you fulfill all of your requirements. UI/UX Design & Development Services, WordPress Development, Web Design & Development, Mobile App Development, etc.

Because we are committed to offering our customers high-quality services at competitive pricing while also giving unrestricted support throughout the development process, we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

services for addition to the organization

To assist you in creating, enhancing, and maintaining your software products, we provide a variety of services. Experts in a range of fields, including software development, it staff augmentation services design, and testing, make up our team. Additionally, we have project managers who can assist you in overseeing the complete procedure from beginning to end.

Before it is released, your product will be thoroughly tested by our qualified quality assurance experts to ensure that it is free of bugs and other mistakes. In the event that something goes wrong after deployment, they are also available for bug fixing.

We are the ideal option if you’re seeking a software development business that can create the product of your dreams.

We are the ideal option if you’re seeking a software development business that can create the product of your dreams. We have built products for a number of industries and have collaborated with both startups and established businesses.

Whether you’re creating desktop software, web applications, enterprise-wide solutions, Android or iOS apps, you name it! Since we’ve already completed it, we can finish it quickly and affordably.


We are aware that software is often the lifeblood of many companies. We’re here to support you in locating the ideal remedy for your needs for business. We want to make sure that no matter what kind of software you require—from large-scale business systems to straightforward utilities—our team will be there with solutions.

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